Thursday, July 20, 2017

3 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Summer Entertaining

The long, warm days of summer mean more time spent outdoors and more time spent entertaining. If you're lucky, you can look forward to holiday barbecues, hanging out on your porch or patio, and cool summer evenings with family and friends. Don't let the relaxing season lull you into complacency, however, or your summer party plans will suffer. Instead, get your home ready for summer entertaining with a few smart actions that will save you stress in the long run. Here are three key steps to take before hosting a summer bash this season.

First, make any making repairs that need to be done. You don't want to be hosting a backyard barbecue and have your roof cave in or fence blow over. Don't try to do it yourself, either. Instead, find a reliable, local contractor that has a good reputation and history. For example, if you need roof repair Massachusetts, contact a well-known company like Southshore Roofers to take care of the problem before it gets out of hand. Repairs are especially important when safety may be at risk, as with uneven landscaping, insecure patios, or pools.

Next, make your home inviting by cleaning and repairing any outdoor furniture and seating. Over time, anything left outdoors will accumulate dirt, mold, mildew, and stains. Use an environmentally safe cleaner so that you don't damage your lawn, trees, flowers, or gardens. Power wash your deck and patio to remove unsightly debris and staining. While the summer is not the ideal time for painting in more humid locations, people who live in areas that enjoy dry summer heat may also want to paint their outdoor decks and patios at this time.

Finally, add beauty and relaxation by improving your landscaping. Don't settle for a boring lawn and all of the hard work and misery that comes with it. Instead, find native plants that will work in your environment with little effort and look amazing year after year. Add edibles, either in a raised vegetable bed or in a berry patch, for a delightful summer treat. Plant cheery flowers like sunflowers to brighten up your space and attract desired wildlife. The summer is the perfect time to grow your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

This summer, your friends and family will love visiting your home. A little effort outside goes a long way.

Three Signs You Need a New Roof

Depending on the material used in your roof, a new roof can last from around 10 to 15 years to more than three decades. Some roofs will last for 50 years or even longer too. When you buy a new home though, you may not know how old the roof is or how much time it has left. Even with a full inspection, you may not know everything you need to know about that roof. As you settle in and begin living in your new home, you can keep an eye out for some signs that you need a new one.

Bare Patches

It's almost impossible to see the condition of your roof without actually getting up there, but you can get an idea of its condition from your front lawn. Wind, rain, hail and other weather conditions can rip some of the shingles from your roof and send those materials flying through the air. When you stand on the sidewalk and look at your roof, you may see some bare patches left behind by those missing shingles. Some will even see shingles hanging down from the roof or laying in the yard.


You should always keep an eye out for any cracks that might form on your ceiling or in the corners of any rooms. Roofs have a surface covered in tar or another material that keeps the roof safe when exposed to water. If there are any rips, cracks or holes in that surface, water can drip through and keep moving down through the layers of your house. This build up of water can eventually cause bubbles to form in your home that form cracks after breaking open.


Before you call a professional residential roofing NYC company to ask about the cost of a new roof, you can look around your home for any stains. These stains are often dark brown in color but can look off-white, yellow or feature other shades. Darker stains can indicate the presence of mold growing inside the walls because of leaks coming from the roof. Missing shingles and damage to the roof surface can let more water come through than is structurally safe. Don't ignore the stains, cracks and missing shingles that you need. Call professionals to find out what it will take to get a new roof on your home and how much it will cost.

I'll Be Raising A Teeneger

Raising a child is the most fullfilling job that anyone can have but at the same time it is challenging and scary, most especially if you are raising your child alone like me. Being a single mom has its ups and down when it comes to raising a child. I am quite sure some of the single parents out there will agree.

My son with his Aunt during the Grand Stacruzan

Anyway, before I give birth to my son when I was 25 I have been playing as a mother to my nephew when I was 20. My nephew is now a teeneger. There are times that I felt I did some mistakes on the way I raised my nephew. As early as 16 years old I found out that he is starting to have bad vices like drinking and smoking. I just hope it ends there.

Right now I am a little bit scared because my little budle of joy is in his teenage stage. I am afraid I might do the same mistake that I did on my nephew. Of course there are lots of techiques you can read on the books and online on how to raise a child. But we all know raising a child is not about reading and knowing what you've read. Though I believe it help a lot. I still believe that experience is the best way to learn. Yes, you may encounter a lot of struggle but at the end of day it will help you to get better.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Online Shopping: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

These days, you can buy pretty much anything online. It’s a handy tool for people that can’t get out of the house, but it also can make us very lazy. Whatever happened to going out and buying things from the shops? Shopping used to be something that people looked forward to (apart from the dreaded grocery store), and now we seem to all be doing it from our couches. However, it is an amazing thing, and if someone would have said we’d be doing this 30 years ago, we’d have not believed it!

You can now search and buy your entire vacation from the comfort of your home through sites like Thomson so that you needn’t even step foot out of your house. You can also download and print your plane tickets at home now too.

beach-84533_1280.jpg Pixabay

Another item that you can buy online is engagement and wedding rings. Tacori engagement rings from Whiteflash have made it so easy to just click and buy. As mentioned earlier, this is perfect for people that can’t make it out of the house, and of course, returns are available if it’s not right for you.

ring-2361492_1280.jpg Pixabay

It’s now possible to buy a brand new car online. Whether you’re going finance or you’re buying outright, in just a few clicks you can order yourself a brand new car. Most companies even offer home delivery so that you don’t have to worry about getting yourself to the dealership to pick your new car up. If you’ve already got a car, sometimes the company will take it away as part exchange, giving you the advantage and taking a little bit off the cost of your new car.

nissan-885309_1280.jpg Pixabay

Your grocery shop is another thing that you can do entirely online. It can be a blessing in disguise because hauling around busy stores is most people’s least favorite task of the week. The only downside to ordering your food online is that you don’t get to pick it out yourself. Vegetables and meat, for example, are both items that I’d rather see a feel before I buy.

shopping-cart-1275480_1280.jpg Pixabay

One more reason that we often choose to shop online is when Christmas rolls around, and the stores start getting busier; it’s harder to concentrate on what you’re buying. When you’re at home, however, you can browse for gifts for everyone, and shopping online offers better deals than stores sometimes. The goods will be delivered to your door, and some online stores will even offer to gift wrap it for you!

santas-arm-1906513_1280.jpg Pixabay

Even though the internet has taken the fun out of going shopping a little bit, it has also made life much easier for those of us that either do not have enough time, can’t get out or don’t want to hustle in busy crowds. Stores for now though shouldn’t be at risk of going out of business, as many people still prefer to go to a mall and see things before they buy them.Do you like online shopping or do you prefer to go out and take on the crowds?

Friday, July 14, 2017

How To Achieve Your Dream House

Have you ever looked around and wondered why your house isn’t quite the dream house you’d always hoped for? Yes, the neighborhood is good and it has all the basics, like a working kitchen and bathroom, but honestly, you know it has so much potential that’s unrealized. So what do you do, move? Buying a new house with all the desired amenities would be completely out of reach financially, so you just have to settle for what you have, right? Well, no.

There is a way to achieve the house of your dreams, and that’s by taking the initiative and doing a remodel. Yes, it sounds scary, but by teaming in with an experienced general contractor, that dream house can become a reality. With a low interest refinancing loan, a remodel can be paid for without major budget pain. If the remodel is done well, and stays on budget, the improvements in the house can bring up its value, making it a win-win project the whole way.

Finding a Contractor

For many women, the thought of finding a general contractor to work on the remodel can be daunting. Today, however, there are many websites that offer listings of general contractor leads so can see who is available to work on your project. These sites offer contact information as well as background on the contractor’s work history, so you can get a sense of their work, and see their recommendations. All of this makes the job of finding the right person much easier.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the list of local contractors who seem like a good match, contact a few and set up a free phone consultation. During your conversation, you can explain what you are looking for in your “dream house” remodel, and get a sense of what’s doable and how much it might cost. Once you’ve talked to a few contractors, you’ll be able to decide which one to hire so you can get that spa bathroom or master bedroom of your dreams.

Yes, planning a remodel takes work and planning, but isn’t have the home of your dreams ultimately worth it?

Create a Functioning and Beautiful Backyard

The backyard is an important part of any home. This is where you can gather with friends and family, allow your children to play, or simply enjoy some quiet time. This area should be treated like any other part of the home. It needs attention and care to create a beautiful space that everyone can enjoy.

The Children’s Play Space 

Whether your yard is large or small you can always find ways to make this space suitable for children. Set up boundaries with hedges that add privacy or a fence that contains both the kids and pets. If you are looking for trustworthy fence companies St Petersburg FL has many to pick from such as Family Fence Company. Once the boundaries are in place you can add a swing set or sand box. Even if space is tight, you can always put a bin of outside toys in the corner of the yard.


Reserve an area of the backyard for entertaining. If you already have a deck or patio this would be ideal. If not, use square garden tiles to create a spot where you can place a table and chairs for having outdoor dinner parties. You could also choose a more casual arrangement with outdoor seating set in a circular shape to create a conversation space. Use small tables for drinks and snacks. A fire pit would be a wonderful addition to this area. Candles and solar lighting will help you create ambience.

A Place to Relax

Everyone needs a place to go and unwind. For a busy Mom this needs to be close to home. Reserve one small corner of the backyard for yourself. Set up a lounge chair with a small table next to it. An umbrella could provide shade on hot days while still being able to retract when you feel like getting a little sun. Set aside a few minutes each day to come to this spot to read, relax, or catch a quick nap. With these few simple tips and tricks you can have a backyard that everyone enjoys. It will provide a safe place for the kids to play, an area where you can relax, and the perfect spot for entertaining.

Power Outage!

Its been a week since we lost our electricity after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the province of Leyte last Thursday afternoon, July 6 2017. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said the quake hit off Jaro, Leyte at 4:03 pm. Having no electric power for long now I fell that we were back on time when Leyte was badly hit by the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that struck in November 2013, bringing torrential rains and storm surges. Leaving thousands of casualties and injured.

I am still grateful although it will take time before we will have the electricity back because we are all safe and the quake did not bring havoc to our town unlike Super Typhoon Yolanda. People can avail free charging in our municipal town hall and in the plaza. Main street lights was also lighted using generators. What we are experiencing right now it too far of what we have experience after Yolanda.

My prayers to does badly hitted town and its people. And of course that everybody will be safe and away from danger all the time.