Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stretching The Savings

As a parent, it can be hard to manage your finances. As a single parent, this responsibility can stretch even further. Knowing where to put your money, what to do with it and learning the difference between want and need in terms of whether you should purchase something can be both confusing and daunting. Unless you have a form a stability with your finances, being aware of what you can do with what you’ve got, how far you can stretch it and where to invest it are all things which are mind boggling to say the least.

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 Know Your Rights - And Learn Them Inside Out 

It’s not so much rights per se, but more what you’re entitled to. As parents, we are subject to certain tax breaks. There are things which may affect exactly what you can get, so if you have wondered things like "how do structured settlements affect taxes? +” or “could I get more a break being a single parent than as part of a married couple?”, these are things that are worth researching - you may just be surprised by the answer that you get. There are so many people who are struggling due to not doing a simple bit of research. The breaks that they are looking for aren’t displayed out for everybody to see - you have to dig a little bit to find them out.

Put Away Savings

There are a lot of places that you can invest your money, but simply putting them away into a bank account with a good rate of interest will suffice. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a little or a lot to put away, and nor does it matter how often you’re doing it. As long as the intent is there and you know that you have at least a little bit of money to fall back on when things get tough, that’s all that you need. Don’t make yourself live through hard times just to be able to put something away each month. If you can’t afford it at the time, wait until you can.

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Think About Necessities 

We are living in quite an exciting age in terms of actually having stuff around us that is accessible. By ‘stuff’ this means literally anything; clothes, food, technology. It’s all available to us via various different communities - whether they’re online or in person - and charities which are willing to help. If you need something that is genuinely a necessity that you can’t afford, ask around for it. If you know that you can wait for it, then do so - but never reject help that is being offered to you. There is a certain amount of pride that a) has to be put to one side and b) isn’t even being recognised anymore … you’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last to recognise when you need an extra helping hand. Hopefully, if this applies to you, you’ll be in a position in the future where you can give the help back.


Monday, April 10, 2017

My Way Of Relaxing!

Being a single mother is indeed tiring most of the time most especially if your child is a toddler and you are raising him/her alone without the help of anyone. I am a single mom but gladly I did not raise my child alone because my family was with me all the time and I have a very supportive boyfriend that support me in anyway he can financially. So I am one of the lucky single mom on the whole wide world. I will be thankful for that all my life. But we all know that life is full of surprises, may it be a good one or a bad one. And when things get rough at my end at always feel exhausted although I have all the help I can get from my loved one. At the end of the day I always want to have a good rest and take break.


Cleaning the house and our back yard is on top of my list. I can be tiring but seeing the house and back yard clean gives me the peace I need.


Going to the mall alone makes me feel good. Looking at those fashionable clothes, bags and shoes are priceless. For sure all the ladies out there feels the same feeling I have every time I am in the mall. Checking what is on sale and discounted items is what I love most. But because I usually don’t have extra money for shopping I end up window shopping instead of buying the clothes I want.

Watching Movie

Whenever I fell down and exhausted you will see me lurking in movie houses. However, you will not see me watching those romantic movies because I am into action and science fiction movies. So yeah! You can call me wierd. They say watching movies alone is not safe but I disagree because I always do it alone and I always go out from the movie house safe and sound.

Soaking in a Tub

I may not experience this kind of relaxation so I am taking my boyfriends story. He told me countless of times that soaking in a hot tub is priceless. It give him the tranquility and peace he needs. Having this said by my boyfriend I feel like having the chance of soaking in my own hot tub is great. But of course I shall not forget that to have a tub entails a lot of planning. The space should be well taken cared of. Hopefully when I and the boyfriend start building  our dream house our budget will allow us to have our own tub. Imagine soaking in your own inflatable hot tub at home with your loved ones and friends the feeling is certainly priceless.


Most of time I end up taking this way. Simply because I cannot go out to shop or watch movie because of financial difficulties. And also because I do not own a hot tub, just yet.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Graduation Gift

As I mentioned in my previous post summer break is fast approaching. But before the summer break starts, Moving Up and Graduation Ceremony is being held. It is this time that some of the graduate if not all expect to get something from thier loved ones. For musically inclined person giving her/him something about music is a great idea. Like for example, guitar. As we all know guitar is being used by teenegers nowadays. And when it comes to guitar there is no other perfect place to checkout but online if you are busy checking it in traditional store. The orange block is one of the available instrument in the online store I bumped recently. Should you want to know more, you can click the link anytime. 9


Summer Break!

No doubt the little big tot is excited foe the summer break. Why not? He will have more time playing and watching TV.  Well, I guess its not only the kids who are execited because I admit I am as excited as the little big tot. The reason- I dont need to get up early to prepare breakfast. I am certain that all momshies out there is also excited to take a break from waking up very early on weekdays.

Anyways, this summer I am hoping for an out of town trip. I don't have plan on where to go just yet because I shall save first before starting to plan. Haist! If money is not a problem going somewhere is easier.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

When a Home Can Benefit Most From a Kitchen Renovation

There are affordable kitchen renovation projects that can be done right away to help increase the attractiveness, function and value of you home. Below are a few of the signs you need to start making plans to update and upgrade your kitchen space.

Placing the House On the Market

A complete kitchen renovation and upgrade is one sure way to get the maximum price for your home, if and when you decide to sell. No one wants to end up buying a house that will need a ton of upgrades. Adding contemporary cabinetry, appliances and providing plenty of storage make your home a much more attractive option.

Outdated Appliances

Mismatched colors with appliances and knowing they were purchased in the 1990's might signal that you need to consider updating to a more modern look. New appliances are all designed to be more energy-efficient than ever before. Over the life of owning the house, an investment in modern appliances will pay off huge in savings and performance.

Shabby Cabinetry

Cabinets that have missing doors, broken hardware and are worn and scratched can make the kitchen look ugly and uninviting. There are times that the cabinets are too far gone to simply slap a layer of new paint on and call it a day. There are cabinet sets that are easy to install and will completely change the look and function of your kitchen.

Lack of Storage

A kitchen can look and feel cluttered if there is a serious lack of storage space. There are many ways to incorporate more storage areas that are recessed, pull-out and in other ways out-of-the-way. You can add full pull-out pantries to stock food for an entire family, but not have it right under foot and in the way.

Outdated Electrical

If your plugs are cracked, broken, covers missing and old, you should replace them. Plugging items in to an older electrical outlet that is damaged can be a fire hazard. If having more than one or two things plugged kicks off the breaker, you might need a deeper electrical fix and upgrade.


Older counters that are bizarre colors, scratched and burned can drastically reduce the value of your home. You can go with a more contemporary stone that is durable and offers more space than what you have now.

Contact home imporvement specialists like and begin planning affordable kitchen renovations.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Company Growth 101: Simple Techniques That Can Optimize Success

If company growth is your objective for 2017, now is the time to implement simple techniques that will generate the desired outcome. Below you'll find just three of many strategies you can implement to make ongoing expansion a reality for your company:

1. Utilize Sales Services.

If you're serious about making your company increasingly successful, you should get serious about using professional sales services. By hiring manufacturers representatives from companies such as Saleslink, you can have a team of industry experts provide you with a wide range of dynamic services that optimize your conversion rates. There are typically a wide range of customized services that a sales firm might offer. Some of them could include field sales support and key account management. Before you hire a firm, be sure to do research on their background to ensure that they have a history of obtaining tangible results on behalf of their clients.

2. Optimize Your Internet Presence.

Another strategy you can implement to optimize your success with the company growth process is enhancing your internet presence. This strategy is beneficial for numerous reasons. First, it can help you obtain a global audience. Second, it will empower you to interface with your prospective clients in an immediate, organic way that will keep the public up to date regarding all of your important brand developments. Also keep in mind that there are likely many members of your target market who have not been exposed to your brand through your traditional advertising methodologies. By utilizing digital advertising techniques, you will likely be able to connect with people that haven't heard of your product line in the offline realm.

The best way to develop or optimize your internet presence is by hiring a team of diligent, dedicated, dynamic digital specialists. These people will be able to implement multiple marketing techniques in tandem to ensure that your online image is appealing and eye-catching!

3. Read More Business Books. One final technique that can facilitate optimal company growth is reading more business . This strategy will ensure that you're continually accessing new ideas and strategies regarding how to increase sales, improve retention rates, etc. Some of the books you may want to consider reading include:
 Good To Great Who Moved My Cheese?
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

Don't Delay: Implement These Company Optimization Techniques Today!

If you're  ready to make success happen for your company in 2017, know that thinking strategically can help you realize your objective of ongoing expansion. Three techniques that can work wonders for you include utilizing sales services, optimizing your internet presence, and reading more business books!


Feeling Blessed!

Copied from my facebook wall.

Life has been so good to me and I truly could not ask for more. But since it my special day I am entitled to make a wish 😆😜, I wish to have an enduring spirit to surpass whatever life has to offer 👍💪👊, good health and a family of my own (ain't too late to wish for it..)👅😆😜 I thank the Almighty God for the give of life and all the blessings bestowed upon me. My family and friends for being with me through thick and thin. And of course to my ever supportive boyfriend for rocking my world 😍💘💋 I love you to the moon and back.. For all my family and friend who sent their birthday greetings through FB, messenger and sms thank you...thank you.. thank you... from the buttom of my heart.
I posted my thank you message in my facebook profile a day after my thank you. I may not have everything I wish for but I am thankful for everything I have.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Dog Owners Who Went To Extremes To Show Their Pets They Care

Practically everybody who owns a dog falls in love with them. Perhaps it’s their big, watery eyes that stare up at you lovingly all day long. Or maybe it’s the fact that they are loyal, almost to a fault. Whatever it is, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our dogs.

But for some people. Just taking care of a dog and making sure it has a nice life isn’t enough. They want to make their dogs into little Cleopatras, with all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it.

Daniela Forshaw

One dog owner living in Britain went to extreme measures to show her dog she cared. Daniela Forshaw a salon owner from a small town in Essex, decided that she was going to use her salon techniques on her dog, a poodle called Millan. Her dog is named after the world famous dog whisperer, Mexican-born, Cesar Millan. And now she has made pampering her dog a part of her daily routine.

Wikimedia Commons

The first thing she did was set up a shed in her back garden that doubled as a dog beauty salon. She kitted it out with things like hair dryers, clothing racks, and grooming mirrors. Over time, she realized that she might be able to sell salon services to other dog owners and start up another business. Her idea worked, and now dozens of people visit her dog salon with their dogs every week to get them looking their best.

According to Nigel Baker, the CEO of the Pet Industry Foundation, pet grooming has really taken off. It’s now a multi-million dollar industry, and one that is growing and more and more people groom their dogs. It’s the sort of thing, he says, that is really taking off in certain hot spots and areas of the country, especially in places with newly wealthy people. Gayle Pruitt Gayle Pruitt is a nutritionist by trade. Like many people, she’s spent years trying to figure out what constitutes a healthy diet. But after getting a dog, she realized that very little attention had been paid to what makes dogs healthy. What's the best dog food, she wondered? According to an article in the NY Daily News, Pruitt began experimenting by preparing different meals for her dog. She soon found out that dogs actually have taste buds that are very similar to humans, meaning that what tastes good to us is usually what tastes good to dogs.

With this in mind, she began constructing a diet for her pet pooch. At first, she made food separately from her dog. But she soon realized that her dog would probably want to eat what she was eating anyway, and so she prepared meals for them to eat together. Now she eats real food with her dog every night of the week, and she doesn’t think there’s anything weird about it. According to Pruitt, this is always how humans and dogs have lived together. In the past dogs ate with their human owners - it was why they stuck around rather than finding food in the wild.

Now Pruitt has developed a range of recipes she thinks that dogs will love.