Friday, August 17, 2018

7 Simple Strategies For Mom’s That Want To Make Money

When it comes to being a single mom, or just a parent in general, you’re going to have your fair share of worries. When you have children to look after, a house to run, mouths to feed, and school supplies or commitments, you’re looking at not only a lot of responsibilities, but also a lot of expenses! If you’re someone that gets stressed out about your finances or feels like you never have enough money, you’re definitely not alone. This is something that so many of us face. Just when you think you’ve got your financial life together, you can then be landed with a huge unexpected bill that then freaks you out. If you feel like this is a vicious circle that you’re constantly going through, you may want it to stop. A great way to do that is to make sure that you’re able to generate more income!

Now, that can seem like a huge job. Because surely if you knew how to make more money already, you would. Well, maybe you just haven’t had the resources or ideas in the past, but now, you can gain them. Because we’re going to talk through seven key ideas that you can look to, when you want to make money. Whether you want to run your own business or you want to generate more money on the side, here are the key strategies that you can turn to.

1. Having A Huge Clear Out

Your first go-to should always be to have a clear out. If you think that there’s nothing to get rid of, then get up into the attic. Because there’s always junk that you can get rid of and sell. You’d be surprised by how much you can make too. Whether you want to do a yard sale or sell things on eBay, you can easily make some instant cash by selling things you already own

2. Buying Selling

As a step on from that, you could then look for profitable products to sell and make money from. When you’re skilled at selling online and getting a good return, then why not take that money and buy things that you know you can make a bigger profit from? Sure, it means that you’re not making much to start with, but you will. And this can be a great long-term strategy for you to earn from too.

3. Creating A Blog 

Next, there’s always the option of setting up your own blog, even if you think that you’re not someone that has anything interesting to say, or that you don’t like to write, you can make money from simply talking about something you love. From beauty to gardening to finance to something more niche like china plates, you can earn money through advertising and affiliate sales alone.

4. Launching A Business 

Or maybe you want to start your own business? Maybe you love to bake cakes or you want to start selling your scarves that you make? Either way, going into business for yourself and selling on Amazon or even Facebook can be a great way to get your own empire up and running.

5. Becoming A Consultant 

If you know that you don’t want to create a product, then you could also sell a service. Maybe you do actually love to write - then why not become a freelance writer in your spare time? Maybe you know a lot about money - then why not provide accounting services (providing that you’re qualified, of course)? Just think about where your expertise lies, and how you could consult others to generate some income.

6. Trading

Another great thing you can do, is to start trading online. Now, this is something that you’re going to want to start off slow with if you’re not used to investing. Make sure that you research online on how to get started or how to use candlestick patterns to track and make decisions. If you are new, start off with a small amount, and find your feet. You could find that this is a great way to grow your savings too.

7. Creating A Product

And lastly, you could also look at creating your own products to sell online. If you do like the idea of creating a blog, this could be something that you do after. Maybe you want to launch your own online course or creating an eBook? These are great ways to make extra money online, aside from advertising and affiliate marketing sales.

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