Tuesday, July 24, 2018

5 Simple Ways To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest

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If you have a wedding or two to attend this summer, then the chances are you want to create the best impression when your pals are saying their ‘I do’s.’ Celebrating with your nearest and dearest as they choose to commit their lives to one another is a privilege, and it’s important that you understand nuptials etiquette. It doesn’t matter whether this is the first wedding you are ever attending or whether you are a dab hand at this wedding day stuff, take a look at these simple ways to be a stellar guest.

Don’t Be Tardy

There should only be one person on the big day making a fashionably late entrance, and it certainly isn’t you. The bride has every right to take her time and make her partner sweat just a little before she makes her grand entrance. On the other hand, you need to be firmly in your seat with time to spare. There’s nothing worse than a tardy guest fumbling for their seat and entering a venue all flustered slap bang in the middle of the exchanging of rings. It’s not a good look so don’t do it.

Never Wear White

The bride has a monopoly on the purest of colors. Wearing white and being the only person at the wedding to do so is a bride’s prerogative. Instead, think about wearing one of the many on trend formal dresses on the market. Crimsons and blues are classy and timeless, whereas the brighter and more bold geometric prints are suitable for a summer wedding. Make note of any dress code and shop for your attire accordingly.

RSVP Quickly

If you want to bag a good seat at the wedding breakfast, make sure that you RSVP as fast as possible. Don’t leave it until the last minute to confirm your attendance as this will only stress out the happy couple and could lead to you being sat at a table on the sidelines along with the other late responders.

Give a Gift

Don’t be arrogant and assume that your attendance itself is the greatest gift of all. The bride and groom will have a wish list or may have even requested funds for their honeymoon or donations to their favorite animal or children’s charity. Whatever their gift of choice, make sure you contribute in some way.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption

While we like to joke about seeing our friends getting a little tipsy and embarrassing themselves on the dancefloor, ensure that the person drinking too much isn’t you. As a perfect wedding guest, you should be mingling, making exciting conversation, showing off your dance moves while sober and remembering the happy day. Find yourself with a sore head and nausea the morning after, and you may reel from not remembering the events of the night before. Save your embarrassment and ensure that you remain lucid for the big day.

Being the perfect wedding guest simply means using your common sense, parking your ego at the door and keeping the wishes of the happy couple at the forefront of your mind. Follow this advice, and you will always be the perfect wedding guest.

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