Sunday, July 1, 2018

4 Single Mom Truths Worth Knowing

We don’t want to step out of line and talk on anyone’s behalf, but we’re pretty sure no girl signs up to be a single mom. It’s just not the sort of happily ever after any of us kind of hope and wish for. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a total riot, blast, soul-warming and heart-stirring adventure that you love with all of your heart, taking a ridiculous amount of satisfaction from each of the tiny little wins you get to enjoy. It’s the adventure you will learn so much from. You’ll learn so much about yourself and you’ll learn so much about your kid.

However, there are some single mom truths we think we should point the light at, you know, as a sort of head’s up. Trust us: it’s much easier being able to manage when you know what sort of madness and chaos you’ll end up facing. Most of it is hard, but if you can find a way to see the funny side, please look for it because it is hilarious. Sitcom hilarious.

1. Bye-Bye Privacy

There is literally no point in keeping the bathroom door shut, whether you’re doing a one or a two because your kids don’t accept these kinds of boundaries. They’ll break the door down just to tell you about the Lego tower they built or what they want for Christmas (even though it’s the beginning of June).

2. Dating Is Not Fun

It should be, but for some reason, it isn’t. Instead, it feels like a bit of a chore and one you’d rather swap out for a date in front of Netflix. The reason for this is simple: after a day of taking the kids to school, clearing up the house, going to work, picking the kids up, doing dinner, the laundry and helping them with their homework, you’re not going to have it in you to pretend you’re not tired. You’d also have to pay for a babysitter, which is money better spent on a takeaway.

3. Accept Help, Always

It can be way too easy to slip into a system whereby you go, “I’m a single mom and I can do everything on my own.” Yes you are and yes you can, but don’t kill yourself doing it. If you can use help, do. If you’re having to move home, use someone like Bekins Moving Solution moving company or if you’re throwing a birthday party, ask your mom to help with the cake, or if you have a really great best guy friend, ask him if he will be a father figure-type person to your kids. It will make things a lot easier.

4. Your Bed Is Not Yours

We all sleep on a side of the bed. Even when we’re single, we tend to pick a side, which children look at as an invite to join you. This is nice every once in a while, but sometimes you just want to get your rubbish, brain-numbing TV binge watch on, something no child should be subjected to.

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