Thursday, May 31, 2018

Finding Love Online

There is no doubt that the advent of technology made our life easier. Imagine life when we are still using snail mail to communicate to our  loved ones who are working and living in another country. Phone calls that seldom happened because of expensive long distance charge. Truly, life is easier these days compared before the internet was introduced. Young and adults spend some times on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. Either they used it to communicate with their family and friends or to meet new friends we cannot deny the fact that most people nowadays will opt to use internet for quick and easy means of communication.

But of course, internet technology is not for communicating people only. You can also use it in many other ways like finding your better half just in case you are not lucky enough to find your dream girl or dream boy in your community or in your circle of friends. There are lots of dating sites online that cater ladies from many countries seeking to find the love of their life. There are sites that members need to pay a certain amount before they can start interacting with others members. However, you can also find online dating sites that offer free membership. So why pay when you can have it free? And yet, they offer the same features. Trust me, I have been in a dating site before. In fact, I and my boyfriends for a decade met in an online dating site. I didn’t pay any penny. But if you want to avail of other features then go ahead and be a premium member. Who knows you have greater chances lf finding what you are looking for. How I wish I can compare the premium member and non payee member  but I cant.

I basically follows this keys to have a successful long distance relationship.


To have a successful online marital affair takes a lot of effort and sacrifices. I may say trust should always on the center of the relationship aside from God. The couple should trust each other because if a relationship is built without trust it is like a building built without a good foundation, it will easily collapse. So an online relationship and a long distance relationship for that matter should make trust as the foundation. Just like me and boyfriend.


A good communication is also a must. Like any other relationship communication really matter. Be honest of what you want and what don’t. With this I am certain that when misunderstanding arise and both of you is matured enough to talk about the problem I don’t see any reason why the relationship will not end to the altar.

Vediocalls and messages

To have a successful online dating experience video calls is very important. At least that is what I have experience. I am more relax whenever I and the boyfriend will talk seeing each other on cam than exchanging messages. I guess it is because I know where he is what he is doing. While it is great to see my boyfriend on cam exchanging messages through viber is also good. Updating each other of what they doing and whereabouts helps the relationship get stronger.

If you haven’t find your “the one” I guess today is the perfect time to join adult dating sites. Just be careful on choosing whom to talk to because you might encounter fake profiles and scammers. Good luck on your search!

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