Thursday, March 8, 2018

3 Ways To Use Plants To Create Privacy in Your Yard

Being able to sit out in your garden when the weather is good, can be so relaxing. But if your garden is overlooked, then having the neighbors watching you, or being able to see their yard, can be less than pleasant. And many modern homes are being built pretty close together, so finding a garden that isn’t overlooked can be quite tricky. And while fences are an obvious choice for creating boundaries and blocking views, they aren’t always going to be a practical option, and can leave your space feeling quite hidden. It can also draw your eyes to them and the thing that you’re trying to hide out of sight, rather than work as a distraction.

So instead, have you considered what a difference plants and shrubs can make to the privacy of your garden? In many ways it can make the space look much more enclosed, as well as much more aesthetically pleasing. So here are some ways that you can make the plants work better for your privacy in your yard.

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Do Your Research 

It pays to take some time to plan out the plants and shrubs that you will use. Avoid just going to a garden center or nursery and picking out any old plant that you like the look of. Some plants will need direct sunlight the whole time, which won’t be possible if you’re needing it for privacy in a shaded area of the garden. Talk to experts in the store and ask them what works best for you and your local climate. You don’t want to spend lots of money on something like a podocarpus hedge only to find out that it needs a warmer climate than you regularly have. Think about how all of the plants will look too; what works and looks good together?

Layer with Plants

It is a good idea to choose a range of plants to help you create some privacy. But it can be a bad idea to simply put them all in, all the same shape and size, and just leave them there. It can create privacy, but it can make it look pretty dull. For a natural look, choose different sizes and shapes, and layer the plants in rows. Stagger them, for example, have a few evergreen plants, then some deciduous shrubs, and then a couple of perennial grasses to use as a border. It will give different textures and colors, as well as creating a natural looking border with depth.

Consider Going Vertical

 If your outdoor space is pretty small, but you still need to think about privacy, then have you ever considered using plants in a vertical way? Using raised flower beds or climbing plants means that you can make the space private, but without taking up more or even any, floor space. It can make your garden space look a lot more modern and stylish too.Have you got a garden or yard that is overlooked? How have you dealt with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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