Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How to Find Out if You Have Bed Bugs in Your Home

Once thought of as pests found in dirty homes and buildings, bed bugs now exist in locations all around the world. You can pick up these pests when staying in a four-star hotel or when you bring home some new clothing from the store. The bugs can stick to the bottom of your purse, sneak inside your suitcase or hide inside clothing and toys that you bring home. As the bugs are so small, you may not even know you have any in your home. There are some things you can do to check your home for a bed bug infestation though.

Do a Skin Check

Bed bugs feed off humans and use their blood as food. As the bugs generally only attack late at night though, you might not know that you have a problem on your hands. When you wake up in the morning, check your skin for any unexplained scratches or red spots. Bed bug bits can turn bright red or to a light pink and often cause some swelling. If you see scratch marks or blood, it might indicate that you scratched the bite because it itched while you were asleep.

Inspect Around Your Bed

Now is the time to remove all your linens and bedding. Check both the mattress and the box spring or your foundation for any dark red, brown or black marks that are signs of the bugs shedding their skins and defecating on your bed. Look around any of the decorations on your headboard and behind the headboard too. The bugs can flatten their bodies and crawl inside those decorations. It's helpful to look at the drawer on your nightstand, around the baseboards in the room and even inside your outlets and light switches.

Call in the Experts

If you still think you have bed bugs but can't detect those bugs for yourself, it's time to call in a pest control Prince Frederick MD specialist to check your home for you. These specialists understand that the bugs usually sleep during the day and come in at night, but they know exactly where to look and where to check for the bugs. They also know what treatment methods are best and can recommend the best way of treating your home. With expert help, a skin check and a full inspection, you can find out if you have a bed bug infestation in your home.

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