Monday, January 15, 2018

On Losing Weight

Photo not mine

As you all know, been trying to lose some weight. Its not my first time to go on a diet but I would say this time is more serious compared to my weight lose journey before. Why I say so? Aside from watching my food intake I am doing some excercises in the gym assisted by the gym instructor. 

Last week, I decided to try the military diet. Hence my monthly subcription will expire tomorrow I opt to start the military diet today. I will be doing this diet for three days. Its my first time to try this kind of diet so hopefully I can make it.

I know for a fact that losing wieght is not easy task to do. It entails a lot of effort and courage. Tried thia before but I always failed. I hope to succeed this time since I am more serious this time like I have said.

I will definately share what happen on this journey after two months.

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