Saturday, January 6, 2018

Five Essential Tips To Planning Your Wedding Abroad

Recent stats have shown that nearly one in four couples will choose to have a wedding abroad. So if you are newly engaged and thinking along those lines, then you are not alone. The only thing is that there are a few more things to be thinking about and some extra red tape to get through. It could be a dream come true for you, though, so it is worth pursuing! Here are a few essential tips to help you get started on the planning.

Check the Legality 

Countries all around the world have different rules when it comes to getting married. So if you have your heart set on a particular destination, then now is the time to check on things. Places like France, as an example, need you to have been in the country for forty days before being able to get married, which won’t work for everyone. So check with embassies and do your research.

Do It Yourself or Package Wedding? 

There are many resorts and hotels abroad that will offer wedding packages for you. It will include the accommodation, venue, food, drinks, and other things for guests. So for some people, it may be easier to go down the package wedding route. But if you know the place well and would prefer to do it yourself, then that is good too. You just need to choose which route you will go down.

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 Choose a Local Photographer 

You may have a friend that is good with a camera and could take some snaps for you. But the best way to get the best photos of your wedding if it is abroad is to have a local photographer take the pictures, like Milan based Vittore Buzzi photographer as an example. A local photographer will have the local knowledge, know all of the best locations, and will know about the weather, climate, and things like the sunrise and sunset. It might take a bit of time to research, but when you see your photographs it can be worth it.

Choose The Right Date 

Depending on the location you choose, there can be different local events, holidays, and celebrations that can affect the cost of things like flights and accommodation. For instance, booking a wedding in south London around the time of the Wimbledon championships could be an error, due to demand of hotels, as well as traffic. So do your research and choose a time that will be suitable for all.

Think About the Weather 

If you fancy a wedding in July, then for many places, it would be a lovely sunny time. However, there are places like Thailand and Australia, that although warm, can be pretty rainy and stormy. So think about the kind of wedding that you want and when. Then think about the weather around the world and it can help to narrow your options down a little. At the end of the day, you just need plenty of time to plan if you’re traveling abroad for your wedding. Good luck!

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