Monday, January 15, 2018

Are There Advantages of Hiring Freelancers over Full Time Employees?

When you’re starting out in business, your budget is going to be quite tight. No doubt you will have planned out your business strategy within an inch of its life, and know where every penny is going to go. But in many ways, having some staff on board is going to help your business to grow and progress you can’t do it all by yourself. There are many costs associated with hiring staff, though. From contributing to an employee pension to covering sickness or holiday pay, there are several things that are going to end up costing money with a full-time team. So have you thought of using freelancers instead? Here are some of the advantages of having a freelance team.

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You may have been looking on sites like to find the best lender for your startup. But do you want a lot of that cash to be spent on your team? If you’d rather be spending the money on growing the business and getting supplies, then freelancers can be much cheaper. Per hour, freelancers may cost a little more. However, you may only need them for ten hours a week, compared to a full-time staff member’s forty hours a week. So really, you are saving money, as you pay your full-time staff, regardless of how busy they are.


One of the reasons that freelancer employees do what they do, is that they enjoy the flexibility of it all, and so should you! They can work on things at times that you wouldn’t want to, such as managing your social media at weekends, like the brand do so well, or responding to emails out of hours. You could email things to do on a Friday, for example, and then by Monday, things could be underway. So it can make good business sense to hire freelancers.

Expertise and Experience

The kind of people that work freelance and make a success of it, are the kind of people with experience in what they are doing and in most cases, are experts in their field. They will know what you need them to do for things like blogs, web design, social media, accounts, or admin without you needing to explain. So the fact that they have such expertise is going to save you time and stress. As well as meaning that they get a good job done well. As they know what they are doing, they could even be quite innovative in what they choose to do, which can only be a good thing for your business.

Quick and Swift Delivery 

A freelancer will set their own hours, but as such, they are in a position to get work done in a timely manner. If you set a deadline, they know it needs to be done by then, so they can work flexibly to make it happen. They are self-motivated when they work in a role like this, and they know that a good job can mean repeat custom. So they are likely to get things done quicker than a full-time staff member that has several other things to be working on.

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