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Travelling The World With Family While You Work

When a little bundle of joy surprises you, it can cause you to take a different path in life to what you or your partner ever imagined. Suddenly, someone else is the number one priority in your life, and your goals and wishes change to accommodate the best life you could possibly give them. It may mean you didn’t get to tick everything off your bucket list and see the world, but when you really think about it - is there any reason why fulfilling your dreams won’t benefit your child just as much as you? Going after a successful career will show your child it is possible to be a fantastic mother and a strong and independent businesswoman; finding love if you’re a single mom will help to show them the fundamental values of a strong and healthy relationship; and  travelling the world with your child could actually set them up better in life than you first thought. If you are your own boss who can work from anywhere in the world or have saved for a trip around the world before your little one came along, there is no reason why you can’t still see the world with your child (or children) by your side.

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The Advantages Of Travelling With Young Children

Immersing your child into the different cultures around the world will not only help them to be aware of today’s ever-growing diversity but will actually allow them to grow up as a well-rounded person with a lot of life experience. It could potentially set your child up for a very successful future. Young children tend to have an extremely quick grasp on different languages, as at a young age you’re constantly learning about the world around you. Especially if you are staying put in each destination for a prolonged period of time, you’re child will have the opportunity to learn some of the language and potentially expand on it if they are homeschooled along the way. The skill of being bilingual is forever growing in favour in the eyes of employers nowadays, so already you are setting your child up for life-changing opportunities in their future. Life experience is also a high quality in the eyes of an employer - and your child having lived in other countries will help to broaden their options when they come to pick a career. A lot of career paths - like working in the Charity sector, the Arts, or even Business Communications - will need experience of different cultures and knowledge of languages will be advantageous. As well as the career advantages, it will also help to build a solid foundation of social skills and confidence for your child, as they will be meeting new people constantly and creating friendships with children of a whole range of different walks of life. It will also do amazing things for your mother-child bond. You’ll be continuously learning about the world and about each other, and be each other’s number one companion for the duration of your travels.

Destinations You May Want To Consider 

Unless you’re a millionaire, you will want to budget for your entire trip. Travel, food, water, currency - it will all add up to a jaw-dropping amount after a while if you don’t keep track. You also have the responsibility of ensuring you have appropriate insurance for you and your child should any medical emergencies arise whilst on the road. Some travellers may be ok packing a backpack and setting off, just going with the flow and seeing where they’ll end up. However, you may want to have more of an organised route to ensure yours, and your child’s safety and world travel success. When considering each of your destinations - as you will need to decide on these before you plan a route - you will want to consider the exchange rate and cost of living. The more expensive places you may only want to stay for as long as it takes to see all the sights you don’t want to miss, but destinations with cheap living it is recommended you stay and completely immerse yourself in the culture for the ultimate travel experience. You could even rent or buy a cheap property out there, so you have somewhere to stay for a prolonged period of time and save on food as you can prepare and cook your own rather than eating out. Here are some destinations you may find are within budget range to do just that:


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As many people refer to Indonesia as “the melting pot of cuisine and culture”, it is a destination that should not be missed off of your itinerary. Home to the world's largest lizards - the Komodo Dragon and South East Asia’s biggest National Park, you are unlikely to experience another group of islands quite like this one. It is extremely ethnically diverse with other 300 languages spoken, so you may want to consider staying put for a while. Websites like cheap properties to buy, so you will be able to save costs like previously mentioned, or alternatively, Indonesia is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels and beaches in the world - so it may be a destination of choice to splurge on.



Krakow in Poland is rich in history, beautiful architecture, and stunning excursions to Zakopane and the Salt Mines. There are apartments to rent right in the main town square, and you will experience every season here - it is hot in the summer, and below freezing with very snowy winters. You can even experience some of World War II’s history first hand, if on the curriculum for your little one, and visit Birkenau and Auschwitz, although this will depend on their age.


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With the gorgeous food on offer and exhilarating outdoor activities, Morocco has something to offer everyone. You can trek Mount Toubkal, and camp along the way with your little one before experiencing the breathtaking views at 4,167m, or take a camel ride along the beach at Essaouira. You can even visit the public steam baths - which used to be the only place where people were able to take a bath - and are favourable over either their luxury spa competitors.

The Logistics 

It may seem like upheaving your entire life and travelling the world is just too much to handle right now, but if you break it down into easy steps, you’ll find it can actually be quite simple. You will want to tie up all your loose ends at home first. Depending on how long you intend to be away for you may consider, if living in a rented property, ending your contract and placing all your belongings in storage while you’re away. This will be a cheaper option than continuing to pay rent on a property you will not be living in - which would need a housekeeper to keep things in check while you’re away - another unneeded cost. If you are already on the property ladder, you may want to consider renting your home out while you are away. This will mean you have a monthly income, and all your bills will be taken care of. It will also mean you have the added security of knowing your home will be kept safe and secure - and there is someone to water your houseplants and garden. If you have pets - depending on the animal - you may consider taking them with you. A lot of people take their dogs travelling, and some even their cats. However, if you have small animals or are reluctant to take your animal with you, it is recommended that you find a long-term sitter for them. A trusted friend or family member will ensure they are well taken care of while you’re away. On the career side of things, you are either taking your work with you on the road, so you’ll need to make sure you have all the appropriate technology and a wifi source in each destination, or you will be leaving it behind. You may decide to leave employment entirely, or if you run your own business, leave all dealings in the hands of a trusted colleague who can liaise with you wherever you are in the world. Education is something you will need to take full reigns of while your child is travelling with you. Of course, you may be taking them out of school for a while, but that doesn’t mean they can’t follow a curriculum that will ease them back into school when they return. You can either purchase all of the materials yourself and be their tutor, or you have the option of an online tutor or local to your travels tutor. Wherever you go there will be teachers available to you, it is just a case of doing your research about which option will suit you and your child best. As long as you do in-depth research, and plan extremely well for every aspect that has been mentioned above, you and your child (or family) will have one of the most memorable and enriching experiences travelling the world together and will set each of you up for a very fulfilled life.

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