Saturday, December 9, 2017

Have an attic? Here's what you can do with it

If you have an attic you aren't using, you might be wondering what your options are for updating it. After all, simply storing boxes and old photo albums isn't really making the most of the space you have. Many attics are very spacious, and an attic renovation could provide you with new, usable space in your home. Before you get started with your renovation, you need to decide what type of space you're going to create. Fortunately, you have several options.

Guest room
Consider creating a comfortable guest room in your attic space. You could add a couple of throw rugs, a bed, and a dresser. When guests come to visit from out of town, they'll be able to save money on a hotel and you'll get to spend extra time with them. You can easily get furniture from garage sales or thrift shops in your area, so consider creating a guest room today.

Play room
Another option is to create a play room. A play room is ideal if you have small children who have a lot of toys. Creating a play room will minimize clutter and toys in the rest of your home and will offer one simple, centralized play area for your kids to spend time together playing. If your children are grown, a play area could offer a nice place for guests who have children. The kids will be able to play while you and your friends hang out and chat.

Game room
Finally, consider converting your attic into a game room. This could be a fun, comfortable place to enjoy playing board games or video games with your family members and friends. Add a couple of bean bag chairs and some old televisions for video games or set up a fun table for board games. No matter what types of games you enjoy playing, having a game room creates a fun, exciting space you can entertain your guests and have fun spending time together. A game room can also be a fun space for watching movies together as a family, so you could place an old DVD or VHS player in the attic for added fun.

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