Monday, December 4, 2017

A 3 Layered Approach To Build A Base Of Super Fans For Your Business

Superfans are those slightly obsessed customers that you hear about that wait out in tents in the freezing December cold, just to be the first in line at a product release. They are the ones that talk your products up on forums, create a demand for your items because of the higher prices they are willing to pay, and the ones that get others engaged with your brand with their sheer enthusiasm. They are the ones that hold unofficial meetups in hotels up and down the country, simply because they want to hang out with other fans and show off their collection. For all these reasons superfans are fans that are most definitely worth having, and below you can find out about our three-step system on how to get them.

Step 1 Basics 

First, of all, you need to get the basics of your business right, something that if you are looking to turn a profit, you should be doing anyway.

That means addressing issues such as product quality, price point, and branding, as well as looking at the customer's buying and post-purchase experience and how happy they are with those. A user-friendly experience on your website will be of primary concern for this, as many the majority of customers will be buying online. To achieve this, you will need to ensure you have a customer-focused website, meaning you will pay attention to UX design in all its aspects. Something you can find out a little more about by clicking the link.

Customer service can also be dealt with via your website by including instant chat boxes and FAQs in addition to telephone numbers and a postal address for queries and complaints. Of course, most folks like to air their grievances online via social media and reviews sites now, so you will also need to address this in the plan for your basic business model. Something you can find out more about here.

Step 2 cult status 

The next part of the plan to achieve a superfan base is to ensure your product is something that they can get excited over. Some products have a distinct advantage here because they are more visually appealing, making sharing over social media a lot more likely. Think items such as jewellery and shoes that people covet already.

However, fangirl/boying over a specific item isn't limited totally to niche products, in fact with some clever marketing strategy you can create a buzz around whatever it is you are offering. Something that can increase the chances folks will have a strong positive opinion your product, that you can translate into a strong need to buy.

One of these tactics is offering limited editions. That means marketing a small number of items that are special in some way for a short time only. This encourages talk online, as well as demand and helps to encourage people to explore the advantages of such an offer and so your product and brand. It also encourages them to buy before they run out.

In fact, having a larger demand than production is an excellent way to raise your product to the cult status, as what is more exclusive than having to wait for your desired item? Just ask Hermes. Their items are so limited in stock that they don't even have a waiting list for the Birkin bag anymore. Try and buy one in store and you will inevitably be told that they are out of stock though, demonstrating that they are having no trouble selling their product at all. A superfan's love of your product can be a valuable business asset. Image from Pixabay

Step 3 Create a group and identity 

The last step in design to really encourage superfans to maintain their interest and momentum, as this will keep them spreading the positive word online and increase demand for your products.

To do this, it can help to emphasise their status as fans and bring them together to create a group identity. Strategies that are effective for this include offering them first look perks at new product launches, giving them access to restricted and bonus content and proving an official forum that they can use to discuss your product. Something that is also can provide useful feedback for your company on your product and customer service.

The idea here is really to make them feel as special as possible, to reward them for loyalty, and to incorporate their love of your product into their lives to such as extent that it became part of their identity. It is in this way that you will create and ultimately keep superfans. Fans that create a greater demand for your product and help to promote your brand for you online. Something that makes them a truly valuable business asset.

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