Friday, October 27, 2017

Samar Trip!

This is an overdue blov post about my Samar visit with my cousin.

Its been a while since I visited my younger sister in her place mainly because it is her and her family who usually come fod a visit. When my cousin's wife invited me to their fiesta celebration I grab the opportunity to accept her invitation and at the same visit my younger sister to attend the first birthday of my nephew.

The visit to my cousin's place was a blast. I met some of my relative from my father side. I really knew few of them since I seldom visit the place where my father came from. So everytime I met a new relative I feel good and excited. How wish I could stay long to have longer chitchat with them.

Me and the celebrant

Like I mentioned I will also attend my nephews first birthday. The celebration was simple. My sister invited some relatives and friends. I also had a blast.

FYI! My sister found out about the mistake in my nephews age when she geg home. So we tried to fix it yet we still failed to do so as we forgot to change the "th" to "st" hahahaha..

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