Sunday, September 3, 2017

Healthy Training Routines For You and Your Dog

We all love spending time with our pets; it’s both fun and relaxing. However, there are certain ways to maximize on your time together. Consider your daily routine when it comes to walking a dog and being outside with them, is their routine healthy? If you have the time, getting into an exercise routine with a dog works wonders for the both of you when it comes to health. Exercise is something we all need more of! If you have a pet, take them along with you on your journey to perfect health. Below are a few tips on keeping routines healthy for dogs and you at the same time.

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Try some gentle and moderate exercise 

Running is always a strong contender in this, and is best for a busy schedule. Going for a light jog and having your dog with you means they have all the exercise they need for the day and can settle down better as you do your work at home.

Your dog knows what it wants to do when it comes to big field opportunities, so a lot of the time you can follow their example. This can also help you to push yourself as four legs are a lot faster than two! This is particularly good for your muscle strength training and their stamina, making your dog more playful in the daytime and sociable around others.

If you have a lot of energy to burn that day, you can also set up an obstacle course and teach your dogs some new tricks at the same time. You never know, this could be the gateway to participating in some world championships.

Keep healthy treats on hand 

Having healthy and natural treats on hand like the brand Betsy Farms is a guilt free way to reward your dog and keep them on their toes. Rewarding your dog for a job well done can often be overdone, and thus having natural treats if you tend to do this is much, much better than cheap synthetic chews you can find in pet stores.

Be careful not to bloat your dog with rewards after exercise however. If it’s time for their proper feed in the morning, make sure you give it to them at least an hour after your exercise is over. You can also bring a dog water bottle to make sure the morning sun doesn’t get too much for them, and have a quick break under some shade.

When it comes to human food, fruit is one of the best products to have on hand after a run. Do this in the first half hour after you’ve finished exercising to better soothe your aching muscles. Protein is the best contender here as well, so try some egg based products with a hint of carbs.

Having fun with your dog whilst keeping them healthy is essential. Keep playing with them to show them how much you love them, and be casual with what you put your pet through.

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