Thursday, August 10, 2017

How A Pet Dog Can Teach Responsibility To Your Children

Children can often take things for granted, whether it is a mobile phone, a new toy, or even their bedrooms and places that they sleep. It is up to us as parents to show them the value of things, and that money doesn’t grow on trees. Things are not just bought and paid for out of thin air. But, there are other life lessons we need to teach our children, and one of those is being responsible for things. Whether that is for another person, another living thing, or even being responsible for themselves and their own actions. This is why something like a family pet dog can be a worthwhile addition to the family. I thought I would share with you some of the ways having a pet dog can teach your children responsibility.

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They learn about what to feed them and when 

A pet dog requires feeding, that may be obvious. But while the first week may mean you have enthusiastic children, that enthusiasm can dwindle as time goes on. Being responsible for a family means it is every day, and as parents, we choose to ensure our kid’s well-being is of the utmost importance. So teaching that to children through a pet dog is a great way to instill that into them for their future. Feeding a dog regularly, ensuring they have the right treats and care is a great place to start. They may want to consider the best dog dental chews to combat their bad breath and keep their teeth healthy. They could even make a point of helping to choose the right dog food for the breed and size of their pet dog. These decisions give children a sense of responsibility, while still sharing that same enthusiasm for their new pet.

They are responsible for their exercise 

Dogs need to be walked, and during the warmer days, this may feel like a great activity for the children. But what happens when it gets a little colder, and the rain starts? The enthusiasm deflates. Again a dog isn’t just for the nice days, and so children will become aware of their duties and responsibilities for their pet dog. They know that exercise is important, and they begin to start thinking of another living thing as well as their own needs and wants.

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They become aware of the health of their pet dog 

Being responsible for a dog means they get to know their personalities, so when their dog starts to act a little strange, perhaps more tired or not as energetic, then the children become responsible by sharing their concerns with you and even a vet if you think it is necessary.

They become accountable for cleaning up after something else 

Finally, dogs can make a mess. That might be pet hair on the floors, a dog's mess in the garden, or even leaving their toys around. Just like children can. So looking after the dog means a child becomes responsible for the mess they create, which can encourage them to be more considerate with their own items around the home. VI hope this has made you more aware of some of the great possibilities and lessons that can be learned from having a pet dog.

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