Monday, August 21, 2017

5 Alternative Uses for Your Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are the perfect solution for keeping all of your favorite wines cold, but there are a few other useful things you can employ this appliance to do without much effort. Below are five alternative uses for your wine cooler that you may not have considered before.

Olive Oil Preservation

Olive oil is optimally preserved at 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes a wine cooler one of the best alternative storage areas possible, barring the use of a wine cellar. Olive oil serves many useful purposes for health, healing and flavorful cooking. Keep this product at the right temperature for long life and potency.

Fruits and Snack Vegetables

Fruit does not have to stay at the recommended refrigerator temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The slightly warmer temperature of a wine cooler will preserve the fruit longer, but make it more palatable to eat straight from the cooler. You can cut up fresh vegetables into snack size portions and store them as well. Place the wine cooler in an area that makes it easy for the entire family to grab a healthier snack any time of the day or night.

Extend the Life of Cheese

Cheese of all types is a nutritious snack packed with protein and vitamins. It can be used for quick energy. The problem with refrigerator storage is that it is almost too cool for cheese. It will eventually stunt the flavor and resulting taste. Use the wine cooler to store blocks or cubed cheeses to satisfy immediate snack cravings.

Soda and Bottled Water

One noticeable problem with storing soda cans in the refrigerator is the uncomfortable burn that accompanies popping the top and taking the first drink. The mixture of cold and soda fizz can bring on a headache. The slightly more elevated temperature of the wine cooler over the refrigerator will make drinking the soda a better experience. You can also keep bottled water at a comfortably chilled temperature for a quick grab during the day.

Chill Glasses Before Serving

Adding wine and other beverages to a room temperature glass will cause it to lose some of the cooled effects. The drink will become room temperature in no time. You can extend the cooling by chilling the serving glasses in the wine cooler a few hours before serving your guests.

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