Thursday, July 20, 2017

I'll Be Raising A Teeneger

Raising a child is the most fulfilling job that anyone can have but at the same time, it is challenging and scary, most especially if you are raising your child alone like me. Being a single mom has its ups and downs when it comes to raising a child. I am quite sure some of the single parents out there will agree.

My son with his Aunt during the Grand Stacruzan

Anyway, before I give birth to my son when I was 25 I have been playing as a mother to my nephew when I was 20. My nephew is now a teenager. There are times that I felt I did some mistakes on the way I raised my nephew. As early as 16 years old I found out that he is starting to have bad vices like drinking and smoking. I just hope it ends there.

Right now I am a little bit scared because my little bundle of joy is in his teenage stage. I am afraid I might do the same mistake that I did on my nephew. Of course, there are lots of techniques you can read in the books and online on how to raise a child. But we all know raising a child is not about reading and knowing what you've read. Though I believe it helps a lot. I still believe that experience is the best way to learn. Yes, you may encounter a lot of struggles but at the end of day, it will help you to get better.

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