Thursday, July 27, 2017

8 Awesome Outdoor Children's Party Ideas For The Summer

If you have a summer birthday on your house or are just looking for an excuse to throw a party for the kids, then summer time is the best for it. The reason? You can throw the party outside in summer! With the sunshine and blue skies as your backdrop, you’re sure to have an outdoor party that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Not sure where to start with it all, though? Here are some outdoor children’s party ideas. Hopefully, you’ll find one that will work for you!

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Cowboys & Cowgirls Party

A wild west themed party is always a winner, and an excuse to wear your cowboy boots. A miniature petting zoo or pony rides could make this party even more awesome too.

Flowers Party

A party themed around flowers would be a great theme for any birthday girl. It makes decorations easy, right? As you can just use what mother nature has on offer. Pretty cupcakes with floral icing is a good dessert, and you could do a scavenger hunt or flower pressing, as well as party games.

Detective Party

If you have a budding super sleuth, then a party to hone their detective skills could be just the thing. While a murder mystery isn’t ideal for a child’s party, how about making it into a scavenger hunt to find ‘clues’ from all over the yard?

Ghostbusters Party

With the new Ghostbuster film last year, it has opened the franchise up to a whole new group of children. Think slime making and silly string fights, as well as making proton packs for all of the guests to wear. It could get a little messy, so keep it outside. If it rains, you could look at steel building systems to see about getting a barn put together. Then you don’t have to have the mess inside your house!

Alice in Wonderland Party

If there was ever a story or a movie that was suited to a summer party, then it is Alice in Wonderland. A tea party is the perfect setting for the main event, as well as pin the tail on the white rabbit or pin the smile on the Cheshire cat. There are endless possibilities with this theme.

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Wet and Wild Party

Who needs to go to a water park when you can create the fun at home? Make a slip and slide with a plastic tarp and soapy water, get plenty of water balloons for water balloon volleyball, as well as pool noodles or inflatables for other water fun games.

Angry Birds Party

All you need is some blocks and balls, and you can create your own angry birds game. Cake pops or cake with the characters would work well, as well as playing bowling with homemade skittles and pink balls with the pig’s faces on. Lots of fun with this theme for sure.

Pirate Party

Shiver me timbers! A pirate party works really well over summer. You could use a paddling pool to form part of the ship and create different games around walking the plank. You could hunt for chocolate coins (treasure) in the yard, and then enjoy some pirate treats like popcorn and hotdogs.

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