Wednesday, June 7, 2017

3 Reasons Why Love is the Answer to the World’s Problems

Love is often an indefinable emotion. And it has many different forms and meanings, all of which vary from one person to another. From love psychics, to African witch doctors, everyone is finding their own brand of that potent emotion. However, the fact that this article argues is that love can heal and help the world’s problems. Because, from love comes compassion, kindness, and genuine care for others.

Love is a Healing Element

When most people think of love, they think of romance and passion. But love is a varied term to describe so many relationships. Mothers love their sons, spouses love each other, siblings love their sisters and brothers, friends develop love for one another, and the list goes on. Love can come in many different forms and niches, but it is all around a healing element. When someone that you love hugs you, there is a rush of good feelings and positive vibes that heal you for that moment of embrace.

Being Loved and Loving Releases Natural Endorphins

Happiness is the ideal. Everyone simply wants to be happy, whether for selfish reasons or selfless reasons. And happiness is subjective, because every person in the world has their own idea of what being happy would mean to them. However, the feelings that initially come from love of any kind are linear. Everyone gets butterflies, good feelings, and those rush of endorphins that signal positive change. While love in and of itself is also subjective, the natural release of happiness hormones is universal.

Caring for Others Promotes Compassion and Kindness

Learning to love and be loved starts from an incredibly young age. Some would debate infancy because of the bond between a mother and child. While others think that toddlers are more capable of conscious love of their families. Whatever you think, love helps develop natural compassion and kindness. When you have experienced love in any form, you have experienced someone opening their heart to you. Therefore, you want to care for others and open your heart to them.

Everyone deserves love. You might bring up people that were historically terrible, but even they deserved love at one time. Maybe, if someone had loved them wholly, they would have been better people. Acceptance and love, no matter who you are, is well-deserved. It is one of the most basic emotions, traced back to the dawn of mankind. So, if you ever have doubts that love can heal and produce positive change, love someone else for a while and see for yourself.

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