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5 Reasons Your Gut Isn’t Happy

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Got an unhappy gut and want to get to the bottom of the cause? Here are just a few reasons you may be having bowel problems and what you can do about it.

Food intolerance 

A food intolerance can develop at any point in someone’s life. Two of the most common food allergies are lactose intolerance (allergy to milk) and celiac (allergy to wheat). Both of these can cause stomach cramps, constipation or diarrhoea. If you’re getting regular problems, make a record of which foods you were eating each time beforehand. Often the only course of action is to eliminate these triggers from your diet.


Experts still aren’t sure as to the cause of IBS. It’s thought to be a faulty communication between the brain and digestive tract that then leads to random bowel movements. IBS can be extremely uncomfortable but can be eased by removing triggers from one’s diet such as alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and high fat foods. Companies such as have medicines that can restore bowel order. Probiotic foods such as yoghurts are also proven to help. It’s best to get a diagnosis from a doctor who may be able to advise on the next course action given that this is a permanent and ongoing condition.

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Stress and anxiety

Stress can sometimes be the cause of an unhappy gut. When we’re stressed, our bodies go into ‘fight or flight mode’ and any bodily functions that aren’t necessary for short term survival (e.g. sex drive, healing, digestion) are shut off. As a result, many people can get constipation or diarrhoea when stressed as the gut is no longer working to break down food effectively. Various herbal medicines and relaxation therapy techniques can ease stress. Getting a good night’s sleep is also recommended.

Lack of exercise

Being inactive can also make our digestive systems lazy. Taking up more exercise can help to keep foods moving through our gut and can also increase antibodies improving our immunity to bugs and viruses that could be the cause of an upset stomach. Those that overweight often experience more digestive problems than those of a healthy weight. Take steps to be more active and you could see your bowel problems disappearing.

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A bad diet 

Many different kinds of foods and drinks can lead to a bad stomach and an unhealthy gut. High fat foods, particularly processed fats, are some of the worst offenders. Too much sugar is also bad for our digestive system. Sugar feeds bad bacteria in our intestines leading to inflammation and a leaky gut. Soft drinks such as cola and lemonade are particular bad for this. And in case you thought you were safe by opting for ‘diet’ soda drinks, artificial sweeteners aren’t much better. In fact, the gut has such a hard time breaking dowgn these artificial sugars that it can often end up turning the remnants into a formaldehyde substance, which is essentially a plastic glue – not something you want coating your insides. lists some of the worst foods for your gut.

How Often Do You Need To Perform These Cat Care Tasks?

When you’re considering getting a cat, you probably didn’t think that it would ever come to the point where you’re considering keeping a diary just for cat related needs. However, it can make sense to do so, because cat care is often spread throughout the year. If you forget to keep track of when a particular task needs doing, you could find yourself doing it too often - or not at all.

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When you have got your diary, you next need to know how to schedule everything that your cat needs. Obviously, there are some basics that you don’t need to note down; feeding, providing fresh water, playing, and just hanging out with your furry friend. Not that you’d need a reminder to do those anyway - most cats are more than happy to let you know if they think that you have forgotten something!

Everything else, however, could probably do with some scheduling to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Trimming Claws 

File claw trimming under monthly, unless you have reason to notice it might need doing more often. If you cat is making a “clicking” sound when walking on hard flooring, then it’s worth moving the date up as and when needed - but for the most part,monthly will suffice.

Remember: always try to use specially designed claw clippers for this task. You might think you can make do with human nail clippers or just plain old scissors; while these might work in some ways, they do have more of a risk of splintering the claw. Specially designed clippers don’t carry this risk, and they’re usually fairly cheap to buy.

Flea Treatment

When it comes to getting flea meds for cats right, you have to think about their lifestyle. Indoor cats can be treated less often than outdoor cats, but both should be treated on a monthly basis. Just make sure that you keep an eye on outdoor cats towards the end of the month, as they might pick fleas up as their protection begins to wane. While not impossible, this is less likely with indoor cats.

Worms Treatment

This depends very much on the type of treatment you choose. Spot-on treatment will generally wear off faster, and thus will need to be renewed on a monthly jbasis. Tablet forms can last up to three months. So check the packaging and make the right decision based on the recommendation you see, then note it down in your diary so you don’t forget.

Vet Appointments

Obviously, some vet appointments will happen ad hoc, in response to concerns of health and well-being. If your cat has otherwise had a healthy time of it, then you should still be taking them up for a check up on an annual basis. For cats over the age of seven years, it’s worth running blood tests at the same time just to ensure that all is as it should be. It makes sense to schedule this check up appointment at the same time as your cat’s vaccination boosters - the fewer vet trips they have to endure, the better!

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

On Having Music Studio

I came across this video futuring the beautiful house of one the famous singer in the country. If there is one thing I would say about the house is that it has a high end entertainment room. There is no doubt that the house is own by someone who loves music. I also noticed the studio monitor stands installed and some stand for music instrument. I really admire how the singer arrange all her music stuff.


While typing this blog post I can feel the serine atmosphere at home. My son, nephew and niece are off to school already and soon my Mom will be off to somewhere for an hour. So I will be left alone which makes me want to grab a quick nap since I woke up before 5 am to prepare breakfast and lunch for my nephew and niece.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

3 Reasons Why Love is the Answer to the World’s Problems

Love is often an indefinable emotion. And it has many different forms and meanings, all of which vary from one person to another. From love psychics, to African witch doctors, everyone is finding their own brand of that potent emotion. However, the fact that this article argues is that love can heal and help the world’s problems. Because, from love comes compassion, kindness, and genuine care for others.

Love is a Healing Element

When most people think of love, they think of romance and passion. But love is a varied term to describe so many relationships. Mothers love their sons, spouses love each other, siblings love their sisters and brothers, friends develop love for one another, and the list goes on. Love can come in many different forms and niches, but it is all around a healing element. When someone that you love hugs you, there is a rush of good feelings and positive vibes that heal you for that moment of embrace.

Being Loved and Loving Releases Natural Endorphins

Happiness is the ideal. Everyone simply wants to be happy, whether for selfish reasons or selfless reasons. And happiness is subjective, because every person in the world has their own idea of what being happy would mean to them. However, the feelings that initially come from love of any kind are linear. Everyone gets butterflies, good feelings, and those rush of endorphins that signal positive change. While love in and of itself is also subjective, the natural release of happiness hormones is universal.

Caring for Others Promotes Compassion and Kindness

Learning to love and be loved starts from an incredibly young age. Some would debate infancy because of the bond between a mother and child. While others think that toddlers are more capable of conscious love of their families. Whatever you think, love helps develop natural compassion and kindness. When you have experienced love in any form, you have experienced someone opening their heart to you. Therefore, you want to care for others and open your heart to them.

Everyone deserves love. You might bring up people that were historically terrible, but even they deserved love at one time. Maybe, if someone had loved them wholly, they would have been better people. Acceptance and love, no matter who you are, is well-deserved. It is one of the most basic emotions, traced back to the dawn of mankind. So, if you ever have doubts that love can heal and produce positive change, love someone else for a while and see for yourself.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Stuck At Home Bored? Keep Busy With These Ideas!

Whether you’re off work sick, aren’t working at the moment, are on annual leave from work, or it’s a rainy weekend, the chances are that you’re feeling a little bored stuck at home. The fact is that being stuck at home constantly soon gets boring, or at least it can do if you don’t find a way to keep yourself occupied. The good news is that being stuck at home doesn’t have to mean being bored, as there are plenty of ways that you can keep yourself busy. For ideas for keeping yourself occupied when stuck at home, read on.

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Do some cooking

Do you enjoy cooking? Then why not spend your time at home doing some cooking? Whether that’s preparing meals ahead of next week, testing out new recipe ideas, or simply baking your favorite cookies, it doesn’t matter. Cooking can be a great way to pass the time when you are feeling bored, especially if you take steps to challenge yourself.

Go online

If you’ve got access to the internet, then why not spend your time off online? The internet offers so many interesting things to do, from browsing all of your favorite fashion stores to playing games online, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Whether you opt to play a tactical game of poker or choose to give online dot to dot painting a try, you can easily keep yourself busy online. There’s so much on offer for you to do, you shouldn’t end up feeling bored.

Read a book

Okay, so reading a book might not seem like the most exciting of activities, but just think for a moment, when was the last time you sat down and read a book cover to cover? The chances are that it was the last time you were on vacation, or maybe even before that! So why not use the time that you have to sit back and relax with a good book? Surely there is something that you’ve been wanting to read? Don’t fancy reading a whole book? How about a stack of your favorite magazines then? Or, what about binging on your favorite blog?

Find a new hobby

Bored of everything that you would usually do? Well then, why don’t you find a new hobby? Have you tried adult coloring? It's highly therapeutic and a whole lot of fun, there’s even an app for it, so you can do it without having to buy a coloring book and pencils. If you fancy starting a new hobby, a good place to start could be in the app store, to have a look at what apps there are that link to hobbies, such as an app for crocheting, for instance, which is a highly popular hobby at the moment.

The fact is that being stuck at home for whatever reason is never fun, it’s just downright boring. However, by taking note of the suggestions above, hopefully, you can make your time stuck at home a little less boring and a little more enjoyable.

Creating a Beautiful Dining Room Oasis

Every mom needs at least one grown-up place in the home where they can find peace and tranquility. They also need an area where they can entertain family and friends without feeling like they are in the middle of a child’s day care. The dining room can easily be transformed into just such a space.

 Clear the Clutter

The dining room tends to be a catch all for toys, half-finished projects, and all sorts of clutter. The first thing you need to do is clear it out. Put toys back into the children’s bedroom, store projects in the garage in plastic totes, and throw away useless items.

Dress Up the Walls

It is nice to follow the latest trends, but use what makes you happy when decorating the walls. A fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to brighten any room while wallpaper can create a certain theme. Use borders and coordinating colors to further embellish this space.

Window Treatments

Window treatments offer you a terrific way to add a pop of color, coordinate the room’s decor, and provide privacy. Sheers, window blinds, and drapes all keep others from seeing in while a pretty valance at the top adds interest without blocking the view of the great outdoors.

Functional Furniture

You may already have a dining set that works perfectly or could be painted to fit in with the new look you are trying to achieve. Otherwise you can purchase new pieces. If this doesn’t fit into your budget, check local thrift stores and online auctions for excellent deals.

Shed Some Light on It

The lighting is the last, and most important, feature in your newly decorated dining room. Task lighting includes a chandelier over the table and lamps on the buffet. Accent lighting includes small, decorative lamps as well as traditional candle holders from online stores like Lamps and More. You will find that tranquility and peace you need and deserve by creating a beautiful dining room that you, your friends, and family can enjoy. When you are not entertaining, use this room to relax in. It can be the perfect space for reading, crafting, or simply enjoying a little quiet time.

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Renovations That Will Add Value To Your Home

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When most people move into a new house, there is usually a huge list of things that need to be changed, renovated, or improved. But when it comes to making home improvements, it’s important to remember one particular thing: what renovations will actually add value to your home?

Sure, you can change anything you like when it comes to making home improvements - it’s your house now, after all. But the reality is that you could be wasting money if you spend on things that people won’t care about when the time comes to sell up and move on.

With this in mind, here is a list of the key areas and improvements you can make that will add value, and turn your spending into an investment.

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The kitchen

According to, the vast majority of people look at the kitchen when they are deciding to buy a new house. And it’s not much o a surprise. After all, the kitchen is the hub of family life, and it is also expensive to replace. And the key thing to remember is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on the most magnificent kitchen out there - as long as it is clean, modern, and attractive, it will add value.

The bathroom

For obvious reasons, a good, clean, modern bathroom will add more value to your home than a dark, dirty, and dingy one. As you see from, a good bathroom suite should last you ten years or so, but when it comes to selling your home, you don’t really want to be at the end of this period. But again, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Don’t forget that your postcode is the biggest influence on your house price, so if you splurge £60,000 on a new bathroom, it won’t necessarily add the same amount of value to your home.

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The living room

The living room is only recently becoming a major factor in people’s home buying decisions. Again, we shouldn’t be too surprised, as these days we spend a lot more time in the living room as families than we have at any other point in history. Space is necessary, of course, but so is shape - a living room where everyone can sit around and chat with each other is more appealing to buyers than something that is an odd shape, or that doesn’t feel relaxing.

A loft conversion

Loft conversions are not cheap and require significant investment. But when you consider that they could give you as much as an extra two bedrooms plus a bathroom, you can see how much it can bump up your home’s value. One thing to consider, however, is that if you invest in a loft conversion, you will also need to invest in alternative storage options around the home. Nothing turns off prospective buyers more than a house that lacks storage and is full of clutter. Hope this helps - feel free to share your thoughts!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hi June!

Month of May is indeed memorable at ny end. I had a chance to traveled out of town with my friend and cousin. I also attended summer olympics in our barangay. In fact there are lots of activities happened last month. Hopefully I will not be lazy to make a blog post.

Anyway, its the first day of June. Summer break is almost over. Are you ready for the opening of classes coming Monday? As for me, I havent shop for the school supplies. I am still waiting for the list of what I need to buy. I don't to buy something that is not needed.