Thursday, March 9, 2017

Feeling Blessed!

Copied from my facebook wall.
Life has been so good to me and I truly could not ask for more. But since it my special day I am entitled to make a wish 😆😜, I wish to have an enduring spirit to surpass whatever life has to offer 👍💪👊, good health and a family of my own (ain't too late to wish for it..)👅😆😜 I thank the Almighty God for the give of life and all the blessings bestowed upon me. My family and friends for being with me through thick and thin. And of course to my ever supportive boyfriend for rocking my world 😍💘💋 I love you to the moon and back.. For all my family and friend who sent their birthday greetings through FB, messenger and sms thank you...thank you.. thank you... from the buttom of my heart.
I posted my thank you message in my facebook profile a day after my thank you. I may not have everything I wish for but I am thankful for everything I have.

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