Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Smart Shopping 101

Whenever a sale comes around, it’s very easy to get distracted and buy out anything with a loud label that screams 80% off. But do you ever stop to ask yourself, why is that on sale? Why is this product that looks amazing and sounds great on such a large discount deal? Smart shopping isn’t just about getting the best deals and finding a bargain, it’s also about knowing where your items come from and how you can improve the way you shop overall.

If you want to feel great about getting the latest deals and saving a tonne of money in the process, here are some essential shopping tips handed to you by some of the world’s smartest shoppers.

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Read the reviews...

When we shop on a website such as Amazon or if we have our eye on something, it’s a good idea to look at the reviews not just on the website we’re buying from, but to also research it and look for blogs, reviews and videos about it. If you go in blind and simply buy a product without doing research, then chances are you could end up with an item that has a crippling flaw or has horrible quality.

...but don’t always trust them

Let’s face it, not every reviewer has a great opinion. Something seen as a flaw by someone could be a positive for you. You have to read the reviews and take into consideration what the reviewer’s tone is. If they keep mentioning how they hate the brand, then perhaps they just have a vendetta against that company. If someone mentions they “don’t have much experience” with a type of product, then chances are that person has no idea what a good quality product is.

Smart spending If we see something that’s on sale but still out of our price range, then there’s no harm in financing the item and spreading the cost over several months or applying for an online personal loan such as Credit24. As long as the interest rates are low enough, you might even be able to pay less than the original price of the item even after you take interest into account. There are even some great zero-interest deals for some retailers, so keep these options in mind when something is out of your budget.

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Consider secondhand and refurbished 

The latest phones, tablet devices and computers can be incredibly expensive, and there are times that we cannot justify the price for what we receive. Luckily, there are many places where you can buy secondhand or used products that work just as well and even have extended warranties. Refurbished items have been fitted with new parts and are always tested before being sold, so you can get some great details if you aren’t concerned about buying something that has been used before.

Look for alternatives 

If you have your eyes on an iPhone or Samsung Phone, then chances are the only thing holding you back is the price. However, did you know that there are hundreds of alternatives that work just as well, have the same technical specifications and in some cases, work better? If you look up budget smartphones, you’ll get tonnes of alternatives to these brands. Just remember that if you buy from a big-name retailer, you’re paying a huge premium for the name itself and not only the hardware.

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