Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Reasons You Might Need to Have Your Basement Waterproofed

You have probably heard people talk about having their basement waterproofed. However, you have not felt the need to have it done up to this point. Perhaps you felt that it was not necessary. However, you might start to develop problems in the future as a result of having a basement that has not been professionally waterproofed. These problems could end up costing you a considerable amount of money to repair. It would be much easier for you to simply be proactive and prevent those problems from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the key indicators that you should strongly consider investing in having your basement waterproofed.

1. You notice some of the cement on your basement walls has started to fall apart.

This is a very common problem in basements that have not received waterproofing treatment. The constant exposure to moisture day after day will eventually cause chunks of cement to break off from your basement walls and foundation. Needless to say, this can eventually turn into a dangerous problem if nothing is done to fix it. You would be wise to call a company that specializes in foundation repair Cleveland Ohio if you notice this problem in your home. The structural integrity of your entire home could be compromised if you allow this problem to go unresolved.

2. Mold and fungus have started to grow in large quantities in your basement.

Mold and fungus love areas that are dark and damp. They are able to thrive in this sort of environment. Therefore, most basements are ideal places for mold and fungus to grow because they fit this description perfectly. Many people have small amounts of water leaking into their basements that they do not notice because it occurs in inconspicuous areas. Mold or fungus will begin to grow without the homeowner's knowledge. This could cause allergy problems for residents of the house.

3. The floor in your basement could be damaged because of constant exposure to moisture.

Floors are frequently the victim of moisture that seeps into basements that have not been professionally waterproofed. The damage that the water does to the floor can vary greatly. It all depends on the length of time the floor has been exposed to the moisture and the amount of water there is. Waterproofing your basement can keep your floor looking perfect.

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