Friday, February 24, 2017

Dog Owners Who Went To Extremes To Show Their Pets They Care

Practically everybody who owns a dog falls in love with them. Perhaps it’s their big, watery eyes that stare up at you lovingly all day long. Or maybe it’s the fact that they are loyal, almost to a fault. Whatever it is, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for our dogs.

But for some people. Just taking care of a dog and making sure it has a nice life isn’t enough. They want to make their dogs into little Cleopatras, with all the pomp and ceremony that goes with it.

Daniela Forshaw

One dog owner living in Britain went to extreme measures to show her dog she cared. Daniela Forshaw a salon owner from a small town in Essex, decided that she was going to use her salon techniques on her dog, a poodle called Millan. Her dog is named after the world famous dog whisperer, Mexican-born, Cesar Millan. And now she has made pampering her dog a part of her daily routine.

Wikimedia Commons

The first thing she did was set up a shed in her back garden that doubled as a dog beauty salon. She kitted it out with things like hair dryers, clothing racks, and grooming mirrors. Over time, she realized that she might be able to sell salon services to other dog owners and start up another business. Her idea worked, and now dozens of people visit her dog salon with their dogs every week to get them looking their best.

According to Nigel Baker, the CEO of the Pet Industry Foundation, pet grooming has really taken off. It’s now a multi-million dollar industry, and one that is growing and more and more people groom their dogs. It’s the sort of thing, he says, that is really taking off in certain hot spots and areas of the country, especially in places with newly wealthy people. Gayle Pruitt Gayle Pruitt is a nutritionist by trade. Like many people, she’s spent years trying to figure out what constitutes a healthy diet. But after getting a dog, she realized that very little attention had been paid to what makes dogs healthy. What's the best dog food, she wondered? According to an article in the NY Daily News, Pruitt began experimenting by preparing different meals for her dog. She soon found out that dogs actually have taste buds that are very similar to humans, meaning that what tastes good to us is usually what tastes good to dogs.

With this in mind, she began constructing a diet for her pet pooch. At first, she made food separately from her dog. But she soon realized that her dog would probably want to eat what she was eating anyway, and so she prepared meals for them to eat together. Now she eats real food with her dog every night of the week, and she doesn’t think there’s anything weird about it. According to Pruitt, this is always how humans and dogs have lived together. In the past dogs ate with their human owners - it was why they stuck around rather than finding food in the wild.

Now Pruitt has developed a range of recipes she thinks that dogs will love.

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