Friday, February 10, 2017

Creating the first aquarium for your family

Plenty of people have started keeping aquariums in their home. While aquariums are aesthetically pleasing, their health benefits are also plenty. From relieving stress to calming hyperactive children, it is no wonder that creating an aquarium is on the bucket list of a lot of people.

Building an aquarium isn’t something that requires a lot of dedication or hard work, therefore if you are up for it you can easily build it. However, whilst setting up new aquariums or fish tanks, there are a few things that you should consider like the type of fish it will comprise of, the size of the tank and the kind of equipment you will need.

So without further ado here is a guide on how you can create an aquarium for your family home:

Choosing the right fish:
People often don’t realize how important it is to pick the right kind of fish for your aquarium. And as an result fish often end up dying and the aquarium doesn’t thrive. 

There is a wide range of fish available – 25,000 species to be exact. So in order to pick the perfect match for your aquarium, you need to be vigilant whilst you decide on which fish to bring home. There are questions that you need to ask yourself.

Questions like:
Is the tank perfect for the fish?
How big can the fish really get?
Is it high maintenance?
Would you be able to afford it?
Would you be able to provide it with the food it eats?

When you have decided on which fish you are going to get, it will help you in knowing the equipment you need to build them a home. One thing that you should keep in mind before creating an aquarium is to decide on the fish beforehand because it’s always better to pick a fish and then build an aquarium according to the requirements of the fish and not the other way around.

If it is your first time building an aquarium then ideally you should go for species which is easily manageable because otherwise for a newbie it could get frustrating.

Picking the right aquarium:
The next step, after you have picked a fish, is to select an aquarium for it. Depending upon its size and how large it could get in the future you’d be able to select an aquarium. It is ideal for the fish to live in an aquarium which is big enough for it to thrive. The larger the aquarium, the better. The minimum size of the aquarium should be larger than the size of the fish.

Size of the aquarium is an important factor to keep in mind; however that is not the only thing that should determine the kind of aquarium you choose.

There are different materials of aquariums which you can choose from. For example there is glass and acrylic. Glass is usually scratch resistant but it isn’t durable whereas, acrylic is less forgiving for the scratch marks but it lasts longer. So depending upon your needs you can pick either acrylic or glass material for your aquarium.

Picking the right equipment: 
For an aquarium, you need equipment that helps in making it work perfectly. Nowadays, it is very convenient to get equipment for your aquarium with the abundance of suppliers. Typically, the equipment an aquarium owner needs is lighting, filters, food for the fish, pumps, algae controllers, conditioners, etc.

So depending upon the need of your aquarium, stock up on equipment, so that you are ready to deal with any problems that come your way.

Setting up the aquarium: 
After you have created the perfect aquarium for your home, you need to strategically place it. Just like humans need space, aquariums need it too to stay clean and maintained. So set up your aquarium where there is room to breathe and enough air to keep it refreshed.

To make sure the light and the pump works, place the aquarium near a socket so that you can connect the plug to it and make it work.

Also, make sure you have placed your aquarium where you can easily manage to supply water for it so that a chore like that doesn’t become a major inconvenience for you.

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