Sunday, January 1, 2017

Need Some Help Planning Your Days? Here Are A Few Useful Tips

In life, preparation is key. We all have things to do every day, and how we get through them depends, in no small part, on how prepared we are. When you have a job interview, you're more likely to get the job if you show up well-groomed, answer questions coherently and are positive. That's just one example of how being prepared helps.

Of course, being prepared and organized is easier for some than it is for others. I know only too well that there are areas I struggle with. But if you're going to get through a day then you - we - need to look at how to approach it for the best results. From morning through to night, having a plan of action helps.

Get Up, Get Out And Get Things Done

Writing things down helps you store them in your memory

The night before you know you need to do something, it's good to make a to-do list. It's ideal to do it then, particularly if you're not a morning person (this applies to a lot of us). The day that's just gone will be fresh in your mind, and things you need to buy or arrange will suggest themselves more easily. Also, it gives your mind the chance to bed that information in.

Carry A Kit Of Essentials

Whether you carry a handbag or a briefcase, you should always make sure it has some vital items inside. Your phone or iPad, of course, as well as any medication you need to take. A purse or wallet is essential, as are your keys.

Make sure your bag is packed before you start your day

Some other items that aren't so obvious include a bottle of water. How else will you swallow any tablets? Also, a power bank as recommended by iThingum. You might not be near a socket when your iPad or phone needs charged, after all.

Group Your Tasks Together

We all know that some tasks are higher-priority than others. This doesn't mean, though, that the lower-priority ones should be left for later. If you have to attend a doctor's appointment (vital), and the surgery is next to a post office, then take the chance to buy stamps. Even if you don't need them right now, it's better than waiting until you do. It will also save you crisscrossing the town and using up more time if you plan tasks out geographically like this.

Keep A Week Planner

If you plan your week, you can make amendments where necessary

If you plan your day in advance, you will get more done and have a more organized life. But we all know that sometimes, events overtake us, and we can't get everything done. By keeping a week planner, you can bump some of the non-essentials to a day later in the week. So you can say to yourself "there's no time today to buy milk, but I'll be in town on Wednesday anyway. I'll pick it up after my meeting.

Of course, as we know, sometimes all of the above is more easily said than done. All we can do is aim to plan things out better. And hopefully, before too long, it will become a habit.

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