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Travelling The World With Family While You Work

When a little bundle of joy surprises you, it can cause you to take a different path in life to what you or your partner ever imagined. Suddenly, someone else is the number one priority in your life, and your goals and wishes change to accommodate the best life you could possibly give them. It may mean you didn’t get to tick everything off your bucket list and see the world, but when you really think about it - is there any reason why fulfilling your dreams won’t benefit your child just as much as you? Going after a successful career will show your child it is possible to be a fantastic mother and a strong and independent businesswoman; finding love if you’re a single mom will help to show them the fundamental values of a strong and healthy relationship; and  travelling the world with your child could actually set them up better in life than you first thought. If you are your own boss who can work from anywhere in the world or have saved for a trip around the world before your little one came along, there is no reason why you can’t still see the world with your child (or children) by your side.

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The Advantages Of Travelling With Young Children

Immersing your child into the different cultures around the world will not only help them to be aware of today’s ever-growing diversity but will actually allow them to grow up as a well-rounded person with a lot of life experience. It could potentially set your child up for a very successful future. Young children tend to have an extremely quick grasp on different languages, as at a young age you’re constantly learning about the world around you. Especially if you are staying put in each destination for a prolonged period of time, you’re child will have the opportunity to learn some of the language and potentially expand on it if they are homeschooled along the way. The skill of being bilingual is forever growing in favour in the eyes of employers nowadays, so already you are setting your child up for life-changing opportunities in their future. Life experience is also a high quality in the eyes of an employer - and your child having lived in other countries will help to broaden their options when they come to pick a career. A lot of career paths - like working in the Charity sector, the Arts, or even Business Communications - will need experience of different cultures and knowledge of languages will be advantageous. As well as the career advantages, it will also help to build a solid foundation of social skills and confidence for your child, as they will be meeting new people constantly and creating friendships with children of a whole range of different walks of life. It will also do amazing things for your mother-child bond. You’ll be continuously learning about the world and about each other, and be each other’s number one companion for the duration of your travels.

Destinations You May Want To Consider 

Unless you’re a millionaire, you will want to budget for your entire trip. Travel, food, water, currency - it will all add up to a jaw-dropping amount after a while if you don’t keep track. You also have the responsibility of ensuring you have appropriate insurance for you and your child should any medical emergencies arise whilst on the road. Some travellers may be ok packing a backpack and setting off, just going with the flow and seeing where they’ll end up. However, you may want to have more of an organised route to ensure yours, and your child’s safety and world travel success. When considering each of your destinations - as you will need to decide on these before you plan a route - you will want to consider the exchange rate and cost of living. The more expensive places you may only want to stay for as long as it takes to see all the sights you don’t want to miss, but destinations with cheap living it is recommended you stay and completely immerse yourself in the culture for the ultimate travel experience. You could even rent or buy a cheap property out there, so you have somewhere to stay for a prolonged period of time and save on food as you can prepare and cook your own rather than eating out. Here are some destinations you may find are within budget range to do just that:


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As many people refer to Indonesia as “the melting pot of cuisine and culture”, it is a destination that should not be missed off of your itinerary. Home to the world's largest lizards - the Komodo Dragon and South East Asia’s biggest National Park, you are unlikely to experience another group of islands quite like this one. It is extremely ethnically diverse with other 300 languages spoken, so you may want to consider staying put for a while. Websites like cheap properties to buy, so you will be able to save costs like previously mentioned, or alternatively, Indonesia is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels and beaches in the world - so it may be a destination of choice to splurge on.



Krakow in Poland is rich in history, beautiful architecture, and stunning excursions to Zakopane and the Salt Mines. There are apartments to rent right in the main town square, and you will experience every season here - it is hot in the summer, and below freezing with very snowy winters. You can even experience some of World War II’s history first hand, if on the curriculum for your little one, and visit Birkenau and Auschwitz, although this will depend on their age.


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With the gorgeous food on offer and exhilarating outdoor activities, Morocco has something to offer everyone. You can trek Mount Toubkal, and camp along the way with your little one before experiencing the breathtaking views at 4,167m, or take a camel ride along the beach at Essaouira. You can even visit the public steam baths - which used to be the only place where people were able to take a bath - and are favourable over either their luxury spa competitors.

The Logistics 

It may seem like upheaving your entire life and travelling the world is just too much to handle right now, but if you break it down into easy steps, you’ll find it can actually be quite simple. You will want to tie up all your loose ends at home first. Depending on how long you intend to be away for you may consider, if living in a rented property, ending your contract and placing all your belongings in storage while you’re away. This will be a cheaper option than continuing to pay rent on a property you will not be living in - which would need a housekeeper to keep things in check while you’re away - another unneeded cost. If you are already on the property ladder, you may want to consider renting your home out while you are away. This will mean you have a monthly income, and all your bills will be taken care of. It will also mean you have the added security of knowing your home will be kept safe and secure - and there is someone to water your houseplants and garden. If you have pets - depending on the animal - you may consider taking them with you. A lot of people take their dogs travelling, and some even their cats. However, if you have small animals or are reluctant to take your animal with you, it is recommended that you find a long-term sitter for them. A trusted friend or family member will ensure they are well taken care of while you’re away. On the career side of things, you are either taking your work with you on the road, so you’ll need to make sure you have all the appropriate technology and a wifi source in each destination, or you will be leaving it behind. You may decide to leave employment entirely, or if you run your own business, leave all dealings in the hands of a trusted colleague who can liaise with you wherever you are in the world. Education is something you will need to take full reigns of while your child is travelling with you. Of course, you may be taking them out of school for a while, but that doesn’t mean they can’t follow a curriculum that will ease them back into school when they return. You can either purchase all of the materials yourself and be their tutor, or you have the option of an online tutor or local to your travels tutor. Wherever you go there will be teachers available to you, it is just a case of doing your research about which option will suit you and your child best. As long as you do in-depth research, and plan extremely well for every aspect that has been mentioned above, you and your child (or family) will have one of the most memorable and enriching experiences travelling the world together and will set each of you up for a very fulfilled life.

Four Days Before Christmas..

.. yet I am not done with my Christmas shopping.

I and my Mom will be going to the city later today. Hopefully I am get done what is supposed to be done before Christmas. Keeping my finger's cross.

On the other hand, the little big tot is excited for Christmas. He organized an exchange gift on the 24th with the family and few of my cousin. It the first time. So no wonder everybody is feeling giddy and excited. I am amazed of how the little big tot and his cousins save from thier allowance to spend for their manita and manito's gift.

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Protection Makes Perfect: How To Keep Your Tribe Under Control

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As a parent, it’s likely that you’re going to want to be able to protect your children as much as possible. It’s just the natural instinct that comes with being a mom. But there are often lots of different ways that we can think about doing this. From physical protecting to making sure they stay happy, there can be a lot to take on. But one of the most important will always be to stop them from getting sick. And this can often be easier said than done. But if you get the hang of some key areas, you will find that you’re able to keep them protected so much more efficiently that you would think. So let’s take a look at what you can do to keep everyone - including the dogs - protected.

Prevention Is Key

If on the one hand we have protection, then prevention will always be on the other. Because prevention is often easier than cure. For your kids, this is going to be in the form of their immune system. You’re going to want to keep is strong if they’re going to fight off any sicknesses. Vitamins supplements are great for this, just to ensure that they are getting what they need. And you’re definitely going to want to visit this website for the dogs. Because keeping them free from sickness is another thing you should look to do.

Focus On Good Hygiene 

 Another great protection tactic is to ensure that you all practice good hygiene at all times. It’s so easy to just assume that this is the case, but you’re not always going to know that. Instead, you should take a look at this post base on the things you should aim to put in place. If you can all do this, your chances of getting sick are likely to be reduced.

Keep Growing Strong 

You’re pretty much full grown (or so we hope!), but your kids and dogs might not be. So, you’re going to want to make sure that the things you feed them are going to contribute to helping them grow big and strong. If you can keep on track with healthy eating and ensure that you’re buying the best dog food too, everyone will always feel better in themselves.

Prioritize Rest 

Now we need to talk bedtimes. Because if you want to stay protected, you all need to sleep. Granted, the dog probably does sleep for most of the day - so they’re going to be okay. But the rest of you? You need to stick to the right bedtimes as seen here so that your bodies can heal and repair, and you can wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy.

Treat Issues Early 

Finally, you’re also going to want to act fast if you do discover that one of your has got sick. From head lice to stomach bugs and the dreaded ticks for the dogs, if you treat the issues early and work on stopping them from spreading, you’re going to all feel that bit more protected.

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Get On Track To Eating Healthy

If you have trouble monitoring what you eat or you're not sure what to eat during the day, then consider talking to a nutritionist. When you visit at a nutritionist Boulder CO office, you'll discuss ways that you can track the number of calories that you consume and how to prepare meals at home. You'll also talk about what you can order when you go out to eat and what you might need to do if you need to lose weight or gain weight.

One sign that you might need to see a nutritionist is that you think there's an issue with the foods you eat or if you've had an allergic reaction to certain foods. The nutritionist can give you a list of the foods that have the same flavors and that can give you the vitamins and nutrients that you're missing from the foods that you can't eat. You can also talk about the signs that you have that might warrant a visit to your doctor so that you can have testing done to determine what you're allergic to instead of guessing.

If you've tried every diet that you can think of with little to no results for losing weight, then it might be time to see a nutritionist. Your nutritionist can offer encouragement while offering ideas about the foods that would work best with your body so that you see weight loss results. You can talk about the healthy behaviors with eating and some of the things that you shouldn't do so that you can be healthy instead of feeling like you have to eat when you're bored or just to sustain the body's energy. You can also talk to a nutritionist if you've been diagnosed with a condition like diabetes or if your doctor tells you that you have high cholesterol or that you need to monitor certain blood levels. You can learn about how to keep a journal of the foods that you eat and what to substitute for the foods that you shouldn't eat during the day. A nutritionist can help you restructure your dietary life in a short time if you take the time to get healthy.

Have an attic? Here's what you can do with it

If you have an attic you aren't using, you might be wondering what your options are for updating it. After all, simply storing boxes and old photo albums isn't really making the most of the space you have. Many attics are very spacious, and an attic renovation could provide you with new, usable space in your home. Before you get started with your renovation, you need to decide what type of space you're going to create. Fortunately, you have several options.

Guest room
Consider creating a comfortable guest room in your attic space. You could add a couple of throw rugs, a bed, and a dresser. When guests come to visit from out of town, they'll be able to save money on a hotel and you'll get to spend extra time with them. You can easily get furniture from garage sales or thrift shops in your area, so consider creating a guest room today.

Play room
Another option is to create a play room. A play room is ideal if you have small children who have a lot of toys. Creating a play room will minimize clutter and toys in the rest of your home and will offer one simple, centralized play area for your kids to spend time together playing. If your children are grown, a play area could offer a nice place for guests who have children. The kids will be able to play while you and your friends hang out and chat.

Game room
Finally, consider converting your attic into a game room. This could be a fun, comfortable place to enjoy playing board games or video games with your family members and friends. Add a couple of bean bag chairs and some old televisions for video games or set up a fun table for board games. No matter what types of games you enjoy playing, having a game room creates a fun, exciting space you can entertain your guests and have fun spending time together. A game room can also be a fun space for watching movies together as a family, so you could place an old DVD or VHS player in the attic for added fun.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Home In 2018

They say “New year, new you,” but why not make it a new home instead? Making some home improvements in 2018 will not only help transform your property into your dream home, but it could help you add value to your home too. Need some inspiration? Check out these seven ways to improve your home in 2018.


1. Revamp your kitchen

Have you always wanted a more stylish or spacious kitchen? Why not make 2018 the year you make it happen? A kitchen can be the heart of a family home and if you’re not completely happy with how it looks - especially if it was like that when you moved in, then making some changes could really transform your home.

There are plenty of affordable ways to revamp your kitchen, and it’s something you can tackle bit by bit instead of trying to do everything all at once. From replacing your flooring to installing new units, there are several different things you can do to give your kitchen a much-needed makeover in 2018.

2. Landscape your backyard


Your backyard can be somewhat neglected compared to the rest of the house, that is until summer comes around and you want to start using it. Transform your backyard into somewhere you want to spend time and enjoy, think of it as an extension of your home. You can neaten up your lawn, add some decking or a patio to help give it some character and make it perfect for entertaining.

As part of your backyard improvement project, make sure that it’s safe for your family to use. Get help removing unwanted guests with this pest control company, who will get rid of those creatures that can make you fearful of venturing in your own backyard. You’ll appreciate being able to use it when summer comes along, so why not plan a big family barbecue to celebrate your transformed outdoor space?

3. Upgrade your furniture

Is your furniture looking a little worn and damaged? It could be making your home look a bit tired and dated too. Give a little TLC to your furniture by making repairs and getting rid of old furniture that is broken to the point of no return. You can buy affordable furniture from many places (and not just IKEA) that will give you some options to revamp your furniture on a budget.

As an alternative to buying new furniture, why not think about upscaling your existing furniture? It’s amazing what you can do with a fresh coat of paint and some new details. You could even re-purpose your old furniture to prevent things from going to waste. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then try Pinterest and Instagram, while YouTube also has some excellent tutorials to help you complete top DIY improvement projects.

4. Make your home greener

Going green is something you can do at any time in your home, but why not make it a New Year’s resolution? Going green will help the environment through reducing your household waste, while also helping you to reduce your household bills - it’s a win-win! There are so many ways you can make your home greener, with some that can be done instantly like recycling your garbage.

Some other cost-effective ways of making your home greener include replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones, conserving water with a purpose-built showerhead and simply using less electricity in your home. If you have money to spend, you could make your home even greener further by installing some solar panels. Going greener is something you can work on every year, helping to reduce your family’s energy spend but also working towards building a greener planet.

5. Give the exterior a makeover

You wouldn’t believe the difference that revamping the exterior of your home can make. It’s one of those great property enhancers for new homeowners and existing homeowners that can add value to a property and make it look more attractive from the outside. Some new windows or doors might make all the difference, or you could give the front a fresh coat of paint.

Another way to improve the exterior of your home is to get a pressure washer. You can rent or buy one to help blast away any tough areas and make them look new again. This can be done every year to make sure your exteriors stay in the best shape possible.

6. Add some personality

It’s one thing to create a dream home that looks like it’s part of a home decor magazine, but it’s another to give it a personality. Your home should reflect your tastes and your preferences, but it should also contain some of your personality. Find stylish ways to display your family photos add souvenirs and trinkets that bring you memories and choose colours that bring life to your home. You could have the best-looking home there is, but if it doesn’t look like anyone’s really living there, it could look cold.

Try refreshing your home accessories now and then to fit in with current trends and themes. Buying cushions, throws and other pieces is an affordable way to revamp your home regularly and to reflect your changing tastes.

7. Use technology to transform your home

‘Smart’ homes are going to be even bigger news next year, so why not join the millions of people who are already upgrading theirs? Smart home systems allow you to control lighting, temperature and even your schedule using apps or voice commands that can make things a little easier around the home.

Smart home systems are great for helping you to save money, and they’re becoming even more affordable to own.

Making changes to your home is a great way to start off the new year. Set yourself a budget or a plan for your home improvements and transform your home the better. You’ll be surprised at the difference even the smallest of changes can make, making your house feel truly like a home.

16 Days Before Christmas!

Photo is not mine.

16 days before Christmas.....

Indeed Christmas is just around the corner, the hustle and bustle is on once again. Everybody are getting excited and shopping stuff for thier love ones.  But for me, I havent started shopping yet. Well, I already bought two gifts for my godchildren and clothes for my nephew the rest I will do it next week.

In as much as I want to get rid of the long queues on the cashiers I cant simply do it. I have to wait till I get hold of my budget. Since, the hustle and bustle is inevitable I will make a list of what I need to buy. I already check what I want to buy for myself so it will be easier for me to shop.

How about you? Are done with your Christmas list?

Monday, December 4, 2017

A 3 Layered Approach To Build A Base Of Super Fans For Your Business

Superfans are those slightly obsessed customers that you hear about that wait out in tents in the freezing December cold, just to be the first in line at a product release. They are the ones that talk your products up on forums, create a demand for your items because of the higher prices they are willing to pay, and the ones that get others engaged with your brand with their sheer enthusiasm. They are the ones that hold unofficial meetups in hotels up and down the country, simply because they want to hang out with other fans and show off their collection. For all these reasons superfans are fans that are most definitely worth having, and below you can find out about our three-step system on how to get them.

Step 1 Basics 

First, of all, you need to get the basics of your business right, something that if you are looking to turn a profit, you should be doing anyway.

That means addressing issues such as product quality, price point, and branding, as well as looking at the customer's buying and post-purchase experience and how happy they are with those. A user-friendly experience on your website will be of primary concern for this, as many the majority of customers will be buying online. To achieve this, you will need to ensure you have a customer-focused website, meaning you will pay attention to UX design in all its aspects. Something you can find out a little more about by clicking the link.

Customer service can also be dealt with via your website by including instant chat boxes and FAQs in addition to telephone numbers and a postal address for queries and complaints. Of course, most folks like to air their grievances online via social media and reviews sites now, so you will also need to address this in the plan for your basic business model. Something you can find out more about here.

Step 2 cult status 

The next part of the plan to achieve a superfan base is to ensure your product is something that they can get excited over. Some products have a distinct advantage here because they are more visually appealing, making sharing over social media a lot more likely. Think items such as jewellery and shoes that people covet already.

However, fangirl/boying over a specific item isn't limited totally to niche products, in fact with some clever marketing strategy you can create a buzz around whatever it is you are offering. Something that can increase the chances folks will have a strong positive opinion your product, that you can translate into a strong need to buy.

One of these tactics is offering limited editions. That means marketing a small number of items that are special in some way for a short time only. This encourages talk online, as well as demand and helps to encourage people to explore the advantages of such an offer and so your product and brand. It also encourages them to buy before they run out.

In fact, having a larger demand than production is an excellent way to raise your product to the cult status, as what is more exclusive than having to wait for your desired item? Just ask Hermes. Their items are so limited in stock that they don't even have a waiting list for the Birkin bag anymore. Try and buy one in store and you will inevitably be told that they are out of stock though, demonstrating that they are having no trouble selling their product at all. A superfan's love of your product can be a valuable business asset. Image from Pixabay

Step 3 Create a group and identity 

The last step in design to really encourage superfans to maintain their interest and momentum, as this will keep them spreading the positive word online and increase demand for your products.

To do this, it can help to emphasise their status as fans and bring them together to create a group identity. Strategies that are effective for this include offering them first look perks at new product launches, giving them access to restricted and bonus content and proving an official forum that they can use to discuss your product. Something that is also can provide useful feedback for your company on your product and customer service.

The idea here is really to make them feel as special as possible, to reward them for loyalty, and to incorporate their love of your product into their lives to such as extent that it became part of their identity. It is in this way that you will create and ultimately keep superfans. Fans that create a greater demand for your product and help to promote your brand for you online. Something that makes them a truly valuable business asset.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Here's What You Need to Know About Choosing a Family Dentist

Finding a family dentist can be a challenge. When you're searching for the right professional to care for your whole family, it's important that you consider all of your options. It's also vital that you understand exactly what to look for when you're seeking dentistry for all ages elk grove village. The right professional can make a huge difference in protecting and caring for your family's teeth. If you're looking for a new family dentist, here's what you need to know.

First off, make sure you choose a dentist who has experience caring for families. Some dentists don't see children until they're a certain age, so make sure you find out if your dentist can care for younger family members, too. It's important that your dentist offer services for all ages so that you can all be seen together. This will minimize driving time, as you won't have to go to several different appointments.

Also talk about treatment and care plans with your dentist. Does he or she take your family health insurance? Can this dental clinic offer a variety of services? Does the office provide general dentistry care? Will this meet your needs? Each family is different, so don't be afraid to ask several questions to find the answer you need.

Finally, always choose a family dentist that has a warm, welcoming office with up-to-date equipment. The right dental clinic should be a comfortable place where your kids feel at home. It's important that you choose a dental office where your children are happy to visit. The right dental care can make a huge difference in your children's experiences at the dentist and how they view dental care in the future. Kids who enjoy going to the dentist are more likely to care properly for their teeth and their overall health.

No matter what dentist office you decide to visit, make sure it's one that works well for each member of your family. The right dental clinic can provide a number of services, including regular cleanings, fillings, and cosmetic care when needed.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Adding Details To Your Scrubs

Just because you have to wear scrubs to work doesn't mean that you can't look stylish while you're in them. There are quite a few ways that the scrubs that you wear can flatter your appearance so that you look professional and friendly while you're helping patients or performing other tasks. You can click here for pictures and other details about the types of scrub designs that are available and how you can add accessories to enhance your look.

When you're looking for scrubs to purchase, you need to find a set that complements your body. Don't get scrubs that are too loose because they could fall while you're moving around during the day. However, you shouldn't get scrubs that are too tight on your body because it will usually be uncomfortable to move around. Tight scrubs can also be too revealing, which isn't a professional look for the healthcare industry or other fields that you work in, such as a daycare. Try on a few different scrub styles, such as tops with a V-neck or pants with a drawstring, to get the best fit for your body that will allow you to be comfortable while working.

Find out if it's alright with your employer to add accessories to your scrubs. You could decorate your stethoscope or wear a headpiece that keeps your hair in place while you're working. Some of the accessories that you can add could enhance the safety for yourself and the people you work with while other accessories are worn just to enhance the look of your wardrobe.

If you have tattoos or piercings, they are sometimes frowned upon in a workplace where you wear scrubs. You can wear a lab coat over your scrubs to hide your tattoos. Remove any jewelry except for a pair of earrings as long as they are suitable for the job. If you don't want to wear a lab coat, then wear a shirt with long sleeves under your scrub top to hide your tattoos. Your shoes complete your wardrobe. You can find comfortable shoes to wear with scrubs that provide the support you need for being on your feet all day that are decorative as well, such as bright colors or patterns.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Samar Trip!

This is an overdue blov post about my Samar visit with my cousin.

Its been a while since I visited my younger sister in her place mainly because it is her and her family who usually come fod a visit. When my cousin's wife invited me to their fiesta celebration I grab the opportunity to accept her invitation and at the same visit my younger sister to attend the first birthday of my nephew.

The visit to my cousin's place was a blast. I met some of my relative from my father side. I really knew few of them since I seldom visit the place where my father came from. So everytime I met a new relative I feel good and excited. How wish I could stay long to have longer chitchat with them.

Me and the celebrant

Like I mentioned I will also attend my nephews first birthday. The celebration was simple. My sister invited some relatives and friends. I also had a blast.

FYI! My sister found out about the mistake in my nephews age when she geg home. So we tried to fix it yet we still failed to do so as we forgot to change the "th" to "st" hahahaha..

Monday, October 16, 2017

Choosing the Best Medical Facility for Your Healthcare Needs

At some point in your life, you may need to undergo specialized medical tests to diagnose critical conditions from which you might suffer.  When you have a choice in what kind of facility you go to for these tests, you may want to choose one that can offer all of the services you need in one convenient location.  You can select the best laboratory, specialist's office, and Lakewood imaging center when you go online today.

Review of Services

Until the advent of the newest medical technology, patients used to dread undergoing an MRI.  They did not like being enclosed in a tube while the test was performed.  The tight enclosure induced feelings of panic and claustrophobia.

Thanks to advancements in medicine, MRIs can now be performed in more open settings so that you do not feel trapped or restricted.  The facility offers this type of MRI to patients in the area.  You can check it out at length when you visit the website of the facility today.

If you are interested in this type of testing, you can make your first appointment online.  The facility offers a number of self-service options available to patients on its website.  You can set up an appointment to fit your schedule so you know when to take time off work or free up time in your calendar.

You can also establish a patient profile on the website once you become established at the practice.  The patient portal can be an important resource when you want to manage your contact information, billing details, address, and other details.  You can set up your own logins and check your account whenever you choose.

If you are unsure of what an MRI is or what it is used for, you may want some additional details before your first appointment.  The website has a blog available for patients that you can browse at your convenience.  The blog touches on all of the most important topics related to MRIs today.

You can also take a virtual tour of the facility by using the link on the website.  This tour gives you an idea of the layout as well as the technology available to you as a patient.  You may feel more at ease and ready to undergo the test well before you actually arrive thanks to this preview of the facility.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

From Studenthood To Adulthood - Financial Tips You Need To Know


Your financial attitudes often develop and become wiser as you age. During the frugality of student life coupled with the pressure to socialize, eat well and treat yourself with the things you enjoy, you may become accustomed to a financial mode of living which generates certain attitudes. Students are notoriously broke as they fight to gain their qualifications, and sometimes this can culminate in bad habits.

However, the temperance exercised as a student can also have impacts on financial behaviors once adulthood is reached. It’s important to iron out the kinks as soon as you graduate, and become wiser with your financial independence. Many students rely somewhat on the bank of Mom and Dad in their college years, yet once they find a job that could become less justifiable. For these reasons, it’s important to keep on top of your daily financial attitudes by seeing where they originate, and in the process take useful steps to improving them.

Without further ado:

Loans & Debt 

In the student years, it’s likely that you took out a maintenance loan or a payday loan to cover excess costs. As you age, this can become a bad habit. Not only that, but taking on these loans in your student years could have saddled you with debt, and so setting yourself up with your finances is already on the backfoot as soon as you begin your independent life. Debt is a fact of life. Taking out a credit card and making purchases on it will place you in a temporary form of debt, as will taking on any form of a financed deal such as a car loan or telephone contract. It’s important to know how to manage these.

Always stay communicative with your creditors, and never take out a loan you are unable to pay back comfortably in the correct amount of time. If you’ve had issues with debt and you wish to resolve it before you continue with your financial freedom, consider embarking on a debt recovery program such as those offered by a service which lays out the remedy step by step. These attitudes developed in your youth can help you identify issues and practice forethought before making financial mistakes in future.

Peer Pressure 

While spending socially is a hallmark of the student years, as an adult it’s much wiser to forgo short-term pleasures for long-term investments. Doing so can give you an excellent opportunity to acquire the goods and services you want without having to worry in the slightest. Peer pressure will become less important to you as you age, but only if you practice not caring what people think, and sacrificing SOME social time and frivolous spending to acquire something substantial and rewarding instead.

No Shame In Savings 

While rifling through the local newspaper, or signing up to coupon websites could be considered ‘uncool’ from a teenager/young adult, spending a little effort in this direction can give you plentiful savings during your grocery or maintenance costs. Don’t be afraid to shop around for your service providers, and never underestimate the importance of an angry (yet reasonable,)  phone call to a customer service department. As you get older, you will become more adept in identifying a bad deal, and better at weeding those issues out. However, this will only happen if you take your savings seriously. The further you can stretch your funding, the higher your quality of living will be.

With these tips, you can be sure to enjoy solid financial attitudes which will treat you well for life.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Property Enhancements for New Homeowners

Buying a home is a huge accomplishment that many people strive to achieve throughout early adulthood, and reaching this goal is incredibly satisfying. However, once a house has been purchased, many new homeowners begin thinking about the type of property improvements that they should make. Because there are an almost limitless number of options, it is often a good idea to narrow it down to those that are most feasible.

Outbuildings and Storage

Depending on how much room a homeowner has on his or her property, outbuildings may or may not be a possibility. Those with a great deal of land may want to build a barn or storage shed to ensure that they have somewhere to keep the lawnmower and the other tools necessary for those who take pride in maintaining their property. However, homeowners with limited space may wish to consider a smaller structure; metal storage sheds often meet a homeowner's needs, and they are a friendly option for those with space constraints.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Any path that can be used on foot or in a vehicle could loosely be considered a sidewalk or a driveway, but formalizing the situation is far more attractive. From pouring concrete to installing decorative stonework, it is possible to create those paths that welcome family and friends.

Outdoor Security Measures

Once a property belongs to an individual, he or she typically has a strong interest in maintaining its security. One of the best security measures that a property owner can take involves installing fencing around its perimeters; this is also an excellent to corral dogs and children who play in the yard. Flood lights will also provide an extra layer of security to a property, and are often a good choice for those seeking cost-effective protection.

Attractive Landscaping

Ponds, rocks, hedges, gardens and a host of other landscaping tricks can be used to enhance the beauty of any outdoor space. Whether homeowners design and install the landscaping themselves or they leave it to the professionals, it is a great way to turn a newly purchased house into a home.

Improvements Increase Value

The overall value of a home and the property on which it sits is determined by a great many factors, and improvements increase that value. Little, new touches may raise the amount that the house is worth when the time comes to sell it. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Supporting Yourself Financially For The Times That It Matters The Most

It can be hard to keep control of your money enough so that you have spare cash when it’s really needed. Did you know that the average family in the USA owes at least $8000? Whether this is the case for you or not, it’s always wise to have some back up for yourselves if you do stumble into a spot of financial difficulty. Here’s how you can support yourself financially for the times that it matters the most.


Save Change

Those few extra cents that you have had in your purse for however long will soon mount up if you put them in a jar. A great way of doing this is if you spend $0.69 cents out of a dollar, put the remaining $0.31 in a jar to save for a rainy day. Round up to the nearest dollar each time you spend something in cash and put the remainder of it away. You’ll be surprised at how much you have accrued even after a short period of time.

Get A Credit Card 

Even if you’ve got bad credit, you’re still able to apply for a credit card. There are many different types of credit cards that you can apply for, and there’s different types for certain situations. For example, if you travel a lot then getting a credit card that rewards you with points to spend on flights will help you no end. offers many different types of credit cards for you to look at, and choose the best one for your needs. Of course, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to spend money unwisely, but having a credit card available for those times when it matters is extremely useful.

Abolish Unnecessary Spending

There’s a chance that you’re currently paying for something you use very little, if at all. Things like a TV service or a subscription to a magazine that you wouldn’t miss if it wasn’t around are great examples of things that you could get rid of. Pay a visit to your bank a6nd go through everything that’s going out of your bank, then abolish anything you no longer need or want. Not only will this free up some of your money, but it will allow you to begin saving for times that you need some extra cash quickly.

Be More Self Sufficient

Growing your own vegetables, and collecting rainwater in water butts so you can water your garden are key examples of how you can become self sufficient. It might be an idea to make the investment into having solar panels installed on your home so that you’re cutting your electric bill. Sometimes it pays to spend money on things like this. Solar panels will pay for themselves within a year of purchase, and are super environmentally friendly. Try these four ideas and begin supporting yourself financially today. Remember, sometimes you have to spend money to make money, so consider all of your options carefully.

Ophthalmologist Visit

I cannot remember good if it was three or two weeks ago when I found out something is growing in the white part of my eyes (close to my nose) close to edge of the cornea. At first I didnt mind it but I notice that is it growing. When I told my boyfriend about it he urge me to visit an opthalmologist. So off I go.

Opthalmologist Findings: 


A pinguecula (pin-GWEK-yoo-lah) is a yellowish, slightly raised thickening of the conjunctiva on the white part of the eye (sclera), close to the edge of the cornea. It a non-cancerous bumps.


  • Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the primary cause of the development of pingueculae. 
  • Dust and wind frequent exposure to dust and wind also appear to be one of the risk factors. 
  • Dry eye disease also may be a contributing factor and can promote the growth of pingueculae. 

 Pingueculae are more common in middle-aged or older people who spend a lot of time in the sun. But they also can occur in younger people and even children — especially those who are often outdoors without sunglasses or hats to protect their eyes from the sun's UV rays.

To decrease the risk of pinguecula, it's important to wear sunglasses outdoors even on overcast and cloudy days, because the sun's UV rays penetrate cloud cover. For the best protection, choose sunglasses with a wraparound frame design, which block more sunlight than regular frames.

The opthalmologist prescribed an eyedrop called Carbomer Artificial Lacrimal Fluid (Siccafluid). One drop on both of my eyes every three hours nonstop on waking hours. And also I will be wearing double vision eyeglasses soon.

Some information are taken from All About Vision

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Christmas Is Coming: It’s Time To Talk Finance

It might only be October, but Christmas is on the way, which means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about the financial side of the holidays. Let’s be honest about it, the festive season doesn’t come cheap, does it? From the cost of holiday parties and food to the price of Christmas gifts and trips to visit Santa, the festive season is an incredibly expensive time of the year.

While Christmas is expensive for every parent, when you are flying solo as a single mom, it’s even more expensive. However, despite your lack of funds, the chances are you want to ensure that your children still have the most magical festive season. With that in mind, the question is: how can you make the festive season more affordable? Read on for some useful inspiration and ideas…

  christmas gifts.jpg
Photo source Pexels 

 Put aside a little each week

When it comes to making Christmas more affordable, one of the best pieces of advice to take note of is this -put aside a small amount of money each week. Obviously, starting earlier than October will give you a larger budget to play with, but even if you put away $10 a week up until Christmas, you could still save over $100. A word to the wise, next year start putting money aside in January, to make life easier for yourself come next Christmas.

Take advantage of buy now, pay later 

In the run-up to Christmas, a lot of companies start to offer a ‘buy now, pay later’ option when it comes to payments for gifts, food and decorations. If you are able to use this payment method to spread the cost of Christmas, make sure to take advantage of it. If this isn’t an option, perhaps you could consider borrowing the money that you need from a payday loans direct lender and then paying it back over a set period of time? As long as you can afford the repayments, then this could be the ideal option for you.

Go DIY with your gifts

Remember, giving a gift doesn’t have to mean buying a gift. Often, homemade gifts are considered the best kind, because they have a sentiment behind them. Whether you choose to make homemade fudge, sew throws as gifts, or give homemade boiled sweets as gifts, it doesn’t matter. DIY gifts make great festive treats and are also a fantastic way to cut costs during the festive season.

Shop the sales

In the lead-up to Christmas, there are always some great sales, from Cyber Monday to Black Friday, so it pays to take advantage of them. Research when all of the best sales will go live and use them to stock up on gifts and food at a discounted price. From stocking fillers for your little ones to Christmas food for your holiday party, you can take advantage of the sales to make the festive season that little bit more affordable.

There you have it, everything that you need to know to make the festive season more affordable. Christmas may not come cheap, but with the above hacks, you can make it more budget friendly.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pick Up Your Pace on the School Drop-off

Plenty of kids of all ages take the bus to school and back, but not all of them do. Sometimes taking your kids to school yourself is safer or more convenient, especially when you're already going to work. If you need to do a school run, perhaps combined with your commute, there are some important things you should take into account.

Having a Good Routine

Getting the kids out of the house in the morning is no easy feat. If someone isn't refusing to brush their teeth, someone else has lost a shoe. Having a good routine helps to get everyone ready and keep them on track. You can give the kids more responsibility by creating a chart or task "clock".

How to Use the Time

What should you do on the way to school? It might take you a while, so it's worth using the time wisely. You could discuss what's coming in the day ahead, or just catch up on what has been happening during the week. It's also a good time to have some fun and maybe play a car game or listen to music.

Know How Your Child's School Operates

If you're dropping off your kids at school, you should know what rules the school has. They might have policies in place about whether you can park or how long you're allowed to spend outside the school gates.

Your Vehicle

Don't forget to think about your car, including how safe it is. If you're in the market for a new family car, you could think about either buying or leasing as an option that works for you.

Infographic Design By

It’s Never To Early To Prepare For Retirement

As time goes on, it can often feel like your retirement date is getting further away, not closer. Pensions have never been tighter, and a lot of people are struggling to save throughout their lives. Of course, as something you’re not going to have to deal with for many years, it can often feel like you have loads of time to think about retirement. In most cases, though, it’s best to start thinking about it as early as possible.

It can take many years to save enough money for a good pension, and buy a house will also take a long time. To be able to relax and enjoy your retirement, you have to prepare for it. Ignoring this area will make life harder for you. Along with this, it could also lower the amount of money you get once you leave work. This time should be dedicated to enjoying yourself and having fun. If you’re struggling for money, though, it won’t be anything but stressful.

eyewear, glasses, key
Image Link Pexels

- Personal Finances

To begin this journey, the first area you should be considering is your personal finances. Most people will want to be in a comfortable spot with their money long before retirement. But, there are several areas which are more important than others. In most cases, you should have plenty of time to get these little things in order.

When you retire, you will have to have a way to find your living expenses. In most cases, this will be covered with a pension, and you have to save this money throughout your life. In most countries, paying taxes will contribute towards a state pension which you can claim upon reaching a certain age. If you want to stop working earlier than this, though, you’ll need to save something for yourself, too. A lot of jobs offer better pensions than the state, and you can usually buy your own.

Along with your income, a lot of people will want to have all of the loose ends of their finances tied up before leaving work. One of the largest of these is debt, and you should be aiming to rid yourself of it as soon as possible. Most people will have at least a mortgage throughout their life. To plan for this, you should use a mortgage calculator to figure out how long you’ll have to pay off your house. If your mortgage doesn’t end before you retire, you should consider looking into a cheaper home.

People Standing on Dock during Sunrise Image Credit Pexels 

- Your Family’s Finances

Along with your own money, a lot of people will like to think about the state of their family’s finances when they leave work. At this point in your life, it will become harder for you to help those around you with money. Of course, though, you can prepare for this with just a little bit of work.

When you first have kids, you have an excellent chance to start a strong financial future for them. Most people won’t think about it this early, but starting savings for them at this point will give you the chance to accumulate a lot of money. Bonds are one of the best ways to do this. They gain a lot of interest, guaranteeing a good return. Along with this, though, they remove access from the money for a set period. Other accounts are good too, as long as you’re prepared to pay money into them regularly. Your bank will be happy to help you with this, giving you free advice. It’s worth doing your own research, too, though.

At retirement, a lot of people consider themselves to be in the final chapter of their life. You’re done with work, and it’s time to relax. Of course, though, it’s impossible to escape reality. It’s never nice to think about the time you’re going to pass, but you can make a real difference in your family’s lives with just a little bit of work. Life insurance is a great way to do this. By paying a small amount each month, you will build a good fund which will be given to your loved ones when you pass. Along with this, a solid funeral plan can also make the lives of your loved ones a lot easier. Of course, thinking about your family doesn’t have to be all about support, though. Along with this, you can also think about making their lives a little more fun, as well. Going into retirement, you have the chance to drop your commitments and go somewhere better. By moving to another country or somewhere simply nicer, you also give your loved ones the chance to enjoy your new home. This is a small gift you can give yourself going into this period of your life. There’s a little more to think about, though.

bank, blur, business
Image Source Pexels 

-  Pension Enhancement A lot of people like to look for ways to enhance the money they get from their pension. Relying on money from the state may leave you falling short, making it hard to enjoy the lifestyle you want. There are a few different ways to achieve this sort of goal. To do this, you’ll have to start nice and early, though.

One of the oldest and best investments around has always been property. When you spend money on a building, you don’t put it somewhere it can be lost. Instead, even if prices drop, you will still have a piece of material to show for your spending. Once you have managed to pay one mortgage, it will become a lot easier to pay off the second one. When you buy another home, you can rent it out to someone else, and use the money you get to cover the mortgage. This leaves your personal finances free, while making it a simple matter of time until are making money from it. People will always need houses. So, if you buy in the right places, it should be easy to keep your properties filled.

Some people won’t like the idea of investing in property. Along with all of the benefits, this sort of option also comes with loads of work, and a lot of people will struggle to keep on top of it. If you’re in this position, you still have loads of options, though. The best way to handle something like this is with some professional help. There are loads of companies out there which can help you to choose good investments, with some even being able to help you with the hard work. In most cases, groups like this will like to take a slice of your money, too.

Finally, if you’re willing to keep putting money away, savings can be a great way to enhance your pension without the risks of investment. With the right accounts, you will be able to make loads of interest from your money, so it will keep growing into the future. Your bank will be able to help you to choose the account you use. But, along with this, you could also consider using online resources to give you a hand, as well.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the different work you can do to prepare yourself for retirement. A lot of people don’t like to consider this part of their life until they’re at its door. But, in most cases, the earlier you start, the better chance you’ll have at enjoying this part of your life. It doesn’t take a small boost to make a big difference when you’re retired. So, it’s worth working to get everything you can.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Pink Sugar Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palettes

Few days ago I recieved an email from BeautyMNL for thier ongoing sale. Although I do not have any plan of shopping online for financial reason I still clicked the link and look around. But I cannot stop myself from grabbing the opportunity to avail of their buy one take one offer on Pink Sugar Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palettes. 

Taken without flash 

Taken with flash
BeautyMNL Product  Description. 

CLAIM TO FAME: Pink Sugar’s professionally curated 10-color eyeshadow palette

FAST FACTS: Expert selection of matte and shimmer shades; finely-milled powder adheres to skin beautifully; features spring-inspired smoky hues and earthy, urban colors; comes in a mirrored compact with a dual-ended applicator

PERFECT FOR: Day-to-night beauty looks.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Home Admin: 5 Essential Tips

Image via PixaBay 

Home admin is never going to be fun, or exciting, or something that you throw yourself into willingly with a huge smile on your face. However, it’s also worth remembering that home admin is never going to go away either. You’re also going to need to keep on top of bills, insurance, and diary management -- so how can you make it as pain-free as possible?

#1 - Don't Let It Pile It Up

If you don’t deal with admin as and when it becomes necessary, then you’re just storing up problems for yourself. People who are in debt have a tendency to ignore reminder letters and demands for money, because they just can’t quite face up to dealing with the problem. Whether you’re in debt or not, practicing this “if I don’t pay attention it doesn’t matter” philosophy will quickly land you in hot water. Set yourself a rule: if you receive a letter or email that you need to take action on, it will be dealt with within three days -- no matter how unpleasant it is.

 #2 - Set Reminders (And Then Ensure You Act On Them)

If there’s a task you need to do -- such as booking a doctor’s appointment or returning a parcel -- then set yourself a reminder. When that reminder pops up, ensure that you do it immediately. By sticking to these two simple principles, you can be sure you’re always on top of every task that requires your attention. The easiest way of setting reminders is to use your email account to do it. If you’re not sure how that might work, then see or depending on who you use as your email provider.

#3 - Set A Renewals Month

You probably know that you should be careful when it comes to renewing insurance. It’s one of the cardinal sins of personal finance; don’t just accept an insurance renewal, always compare, check with and try to get the best deal possible. That’s the idea anyway; but it’s an incredibly easy one to forget. If possible, try and adjust your policies so you are always renewing in the same month. This means you can focus on the renewals and potentially even combine insurance products so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.

#4 - Keep A Paper Diary 

Most of us keep our diary online these days, or at the very least on the calendar app of our smartphone. However, it’s often easier to keep a paper diary in addition to this. The mere act of writing things down tends to make us remember them more, and it’s easier to see the future at a glance with a paper diary. This doesn’t have to fully replace your electronic calendar, but it definitely will enhance it. With these tips in mind, you should be able to breeze through your home admin -- and ensure you have got more time to spend on the things that you actively want to do!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Raising a Child Without Falling Into Financial Disrepair

Photo Source Pexels 

As soon as we welcome our child into the world, they become our priority. We want absolutely everything to be perfect for them and for them to have the most contented, blissful experiences possible. The mere thought of our little one having to go without something that they desire is enough to make our hearts sink. However, as you will soon become aware, raising a kid is no easy business. It is extremely costly and many people will find themselves sinking into debt while trying to maintain a lifestyle that is beyond their means in order to constantly provide their child with the best (whether the best in question is necessary or not). Here are a few sage pieces of wisdom on how to raise your child well without falling into financial disrepair.


First things first, you need to set out a budget. Note down your salary after tax, then deduct the cost of essentials, such as rent or mortgage repayments, bills, food, cleaning products and other necessities. The amount that you have left is your disposable income. In order to stay in the black, you need to ensure that whatever you spend in the given time period that you have budgeted for never exceeds this amount.

Borrow Responsibly 

Admittedly, there may be times when you want to purchase something that you don’t have the cash to pay for immediately. Perhaps this is a present of some sort or a family holiday. For situations such as this, you may consider lending. While this is a completely acceptable thing to do, you need to borrow money responsibly. Check out interest rates before taking out a loan or credit card. Don’t take what you can’t afford to pay back in instalments. Sensible borrowing will also help to create a good credit rating or improve your credit score, as you will be able to make repayments on time and prove yourself trustworthy to other lenders. If you are looking for more ways to improve your score, take a look at; this page will teach you the basics of borrowing and highlight common mistakes that people make with lenders.

Image Credit Pexels 

Keep a Constant Eye Out For Savings 

Many things that you invest in can often be found elsewhere for cheaper. This applies to all sorts of areas of your life: your food shopping, your child’s clothing, games, toys and educational materials. Whatever it is that you’re purchasing, see whether it is available elsewhere for cheaper. Many high street retailers will price match online prices if you ask. You may also be able to get some good quality goods second hand or pass certain items down from one child to another. Be thrifty! It will be pay off. You can use the cash that you have saved to treat your little one, or put it aside and save it for a rainy day. These simple steps will see you raise your child well without sinking into huge amounts of debt. They won’t want for anything, but you will still have enough money left over for extras such as treats, days out or other experiences. So, start making these changes to your lifestyle today in order to see the results more quickly.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Why You Need to Understand the Different Types of Loans Available to You Before Putting Pen to Paper

Image Source Pexels 

Almost every mother has experienced hard times, when cash is running low and you end up emptying the piggy bank to tide you and your little ones through to the next paycheck. Many of us turn to lending in times of need, which can be an extremely beneficial decision, or can backfire and become something that we regret. To avoid complications and problems, you need to ensure that you are completely aware of what you are signing up for before you put your pen to paper and sign for the loan. Here’s how to ensure that you fall into the first category when it comes to borrowing money, no matter how large or small the amount.

Understanding Different Types of Loans 

There are numerous types of loans available out there, and it’s essential that you can differentiate between one form and another. What’s available to you will largely depend on your financial position and history. If you have a good credit score, you may be able to access lower interest rates and certain perks and deals. If you have a negative credit score, you will have to go with options that have higher interest rates and larger minimum payments. Keep an eye out for a (otherwise known as a character loan or good faith loan), as this will simply require a signature and can often be approved online with an e-signature. If possible, try to avoid payday loans as they have astounding interest rates and can be extremely difficult to clear. numbers-money-calculating-calculation.jpg
Photo Source Pexels 

Managing Repayments

Once we’ve received the money and are back on our own two feet, it can be easy to forget that you need to repay the full amount back plus interest. A large percent of the time, people will slip back into their old habits when really they should be cutting back on non-essentials in order to have the spare cash to repay their dues. So, once your wages do come in, budget. Work out how much you need for necessities. Cut back on nonessential items and put the rest of your disposable income towards paying off what you owe. If you miss repayments, you will be charged fees and fines and your credit score will also be negatively affected, discouraging lenders from helping you out in the future. If you find that you are struggling to meet repayments, don’t bury your head in the sand. Contact your lender and they may be able to reduce your minimum payments or even offer lower interest rates. You should also alert your lender to any changes in your personal circumstances that could potentially affect your repayments. If they are unaware of difficulties, they can’t offer assistance.

Once you have cleared your debt, there are plenty of ways to avoid finding yourself in such a difficult situation in the future. The first? Effective money management. Create a budget and stick to it. Be of the mindset that if you can’t afford something, you can’t have it or will have to wait until you can afford it yourself. You can also start a savings account. Depositing even small amounts in this from one paycheck to the next will result in a slowly growing source of funds that can be used in times of emergency or saved for a rainy day later down the line.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Debt: The Biggest Problems You'll Face


Just hearing the word debt is enough to get most people nervously clutching their purses and double-checking their bank balance. It’s something none of us ever want to be in and is one of the worst financial positions you can fall into.

No one likes the idea of debt as it pushes them closer towards to b-word bankruptcy. It’s everyone’s greatest fear that they take on too much debt, can’t pay it all back, lose all their money, all their assets, and end up bankrupt with nothing.

Alongside this, being in debt is just a very bad experience as well. There are lots of aspects of being in debt that are really hard, which is why it’s difficult to get out of the situation. In this article, I’ll talk to you about some of the hardest things about being in debt.

Having Too Many Payments To Make

Loads of people end up in debt to various people or organizations. They could have student debt, credit card debt, and be in debt to another lender too. When you’re fighting multiple debt battles, it’s very hard to keep up with all the payments. As it mentions on the best solution to this is getting a loan to consolidate all your debts. This is one big fat loan that pays off all your individual debts and moves them into one debt that you can pay off over time in a more manageable fashion.

Owing More And More

A huge problem with debt is that you start to owe more and more the longer you’re in it. This is largely down to interest rates. The longer it takes for you to pay off your debts, the higher the interest rates can rise for your particular debt. As such, your debt continues to grow, which makes it even harder to pay off. It means you take longer and longer to pay it off, which means the interest can grow even higher!! As you can see, it’s a bad cycle to fall into.

Losing Your Assets

At the extreme end of the scale, we have people that are in so much debt they lose some of their assets. If you got a secured loan, and you’re struggling to pay it back, the lender can take whatever it was you used to secure the loan in the first place. This could be your house, car, etc. I wrote about secured loans vs. unsecured loans here if you want to check it out. Obviously, being in a position where your personal belongings are taken away from you is not great at all, and incredibly stressful.

Don’t let debt rear its ugly head at you and tear through your finances. Be smart whenever you’re borrowing money for whatever reason. Always ensure you can pay back what you borrow, and avoid borrowing unless it’s absolutely essential. There are times in life where you’ll have to get a loan and owe someone money - buying a house and getting a mortgage is a good example. But, if borrow for no reason, this is when you start owing lots of people lots of money and can end up in serious debt.

Unboxing: Althea X Withshyan_Nail It Haul

FYI! This is an over due post. 

I have been aiming to make this blog post for two months already. I know its way too lateeee... but as the saying goes "better late than never" hahaha... 

But seriously, I should have posted this post few days after I recieved the package. But for some reason, well just one honestly and its me being lazy or better say, me hybernating that I always forget it and I remember it again when I am about to use the nail polish.  I even dont have a decent photo of my nails wearing one of the nail polish in the box. 

Anyway, for this blog post I will be sharing photos while I am unboxing the product. I am only confident on sharing photos not video. 


Thats me unboxing the package. I took me almost three minutes to unbox the package. It is indeed well pack. 

What is inside the box?

Since I need to take a decent photo of the nail polish and other items inside the box I will make another post for it.

But over all my first experience in Althea is worth my money. I am happy with the product.

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Understand the True Value of Home Upgrades

Many homeowners opt to upgrade certain aspects of their home with the idea that the upgrade will increase the value of the home. While there are a lot of different upgrades that can increase the value of a home and make it more appealing to potential buyers, it is important for a homeowner to really consider the true value of a home upgrade before they decide to go ahead with it.

It is important for a homeowner to consider the costs associated with a particular upgrade. They need to do their research to be sure that the upgrade is really going to increase the value of the home. If a person is doing the upgrade simply to increase the value of the home, it is extremely important for them to really crunch the numbers to make sure that they will earn a profit if they put their home on the market soon. This is one area where a homeowner needs to exercise caution. The last thing they want to do is spend a fortune on an upgrade only to find out that the value of the home barely increased or didn't increase it all. Some homeowners have actually found that the thing that they thought was going to make their home more appealing to potential buyers actually causes some buyers to quickly say no to the house.

One thing that can be very helpful when a homeowner is making a decision on doing an upgrade to their home is to think about how much they are actually going to enjoy the upgrade. If it is something that is very useful for their family at the current time, even if the value of the upgrade does not dramatically increase the home's value, it may be worth it. For example, if a family spends a lot of time together outside during the warm months barbecuing and enjoying other activities, deck installation Odenton MD may be the best choice for them. A deck will increase the value of the home. And it is also something that the family will be able to enjoy while they are still living in the home.

Take time to do research before deciding if an upgrade is really right for you and your home. Calculate the costs for the materials and the labor. Talk to real estate agents and others who will be able to help you to determine if certain things will really increase the value of your home.

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Finishing Touches to Get Your Garden Party Ready

Image source from Pixabay 

The garden is undoubtedly the best part of your property to hold a party in. There’s lots of space, fewer possessions to get damaged, and when the weather's good, well being outdoors just feels great.

If you’ve taken the time to transform your garden, with patios and outdoor entertainment rooms, and by investing in good garden furniture, not to mention pruning your trees and mowing the lawn, all that remains to set the scene for your next garden party are the finishing touches…

A Chalkboard

Chalkboards, like the ones at, aren’t just for the classroom or playroom; they make for a fantastic finishing touch in the garden too. Write down a welcome message for your guests, or a colorful itinerary for the day/evening’s events, and it will get your friends and family psyched for your next garden party, as well as adding a unique touch to the decor.

Fairy Lights

These tiny, twinkling lights are perfect for turning your garden into an enchanted party paradise. Wrap them around tree trunks, fences and garden furniture, string them between trees and line the driveway with them to create a party atmosphere and ensure that your guests aren’t left in the dark when the sun goes down.

Hang a Banner 

Colorful banners, bunting, and flags add a touch of color and fun to the proceedings. They’re particularly good for children’s garden parties, but you can find classier examples, like this tassel garland:, which wouldn’t look amiss at your swanky cocktail parties or afternoon teas. The key is to choose your banner to match your theme.

A Fire Pit

No great garden party should be without a fire pit, especially if it’ll be taking place in the evening or a chilly time of the year. The fire pit provides a perfect focal point around which all of your guests can gather to shoot the breeze, toast marshmallows and have a drink or two.


Of course, a great grill is an essential element of every garden party. Eating outdoors is somehow more pleasing that eating inside, and the barbecue grill helps to produce the perfect outdoors foods, like smoky sausages, juicy burgers and sweet corn on the cob, with minimal effort, so you can enjoy the party instead of slaving away over a hot stove.

A Roof

If you have money to spare, one thing that can really ramp up your outdoor entertaining efforts is having a roof or awning installed over your patio or seating area. As you can see at a good roof will keep the rain away and provide enough shade to keep all your guests comfortable. This means you can more easily throw a garden party at any time of the year.

Throwing a garden party is a lot of fun, and with the above finishing touches, you can guarantee that your guests will be blown away by your efforts, and your future garden parties will be amongst the best.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Anniversary Gifting: Ideas For Making His Day!

Whether you’ve been together for a year, a few years, or ten years, when it comes to anniversaries, it’s natural that you should want to make your partner’s day special. Of course, it’s often the case that every anniversary is the same; with similar gifts and similar plans each year. If you want to ensure that this year’s anniversary goes off with a bang and is one to remember, then you may need to get a little more creative with your gifting. To ensure that your upcoming anniversary is a memorable one, it’s vital that you get creative and find some unique gift ideas. This isn’t always an easy task, so below are some ideas and suggestions to take note of, to make finding that perfect present for your significant other a little bit easier.

couple a.jpg
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Create a pamper basket 

Who said pampering was just for us girls? Believe it or not, men need pampering too. So why not create your partner a pamper basket, packed full of a range of different products that can be used to pamper him. From male grooming products and massage oil that you can use to treat him to a massage to a bottle of his favorite Kikori whiskey and a selection of sweet treats, there’s a lot of different options for what to include in his pamper basket. You want to pick products that you know he will like and appreciate, and that will help him to relax and unwind.

Treat him to an activity day 

Forget giving him a gift he can unwrap, what about treating him to an activity day? Book an activity day for your anniversary and plan to do the activity together as a couple. Whether it’s tree top climbing, race car driving, or caving, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you pick an activity that he will love and that you can do together. What’s more memorable than doing an activity together as a couple? Just think how much fun you will have and how enjoyable the day would be.

Cook him his favorite meal (and dessert) 

Is there a meal that your partner loves? Then why not make that for him as his gift? It might not be something that he can unwrap, but if it will put a smile on his face, then it could be the ideal gift. Whether he’s a steak lover, is mad about tapas, or loves Greek food, you can plan a whole night themed around his favorite meal. As well as planning a meal consider planning something for afterwards, such as a movie night or games evening. You want to make the evening as memorable as possible, which is why combining a meal and another activity, such as cocktail making, for instance, could be ideal.

There you have it, some ideas and suggestions for ensuring that your partner has the most amazing time on your anniversary. Take note of the ideas above and implement them, and you can ensure that your next anniversary is wonderfully memorable.