Thursday, November 3, 2016

Are You A "Good Enough" Parent? Not If You Don't Spend Time With Your Kids

Psychologists and therapists have been harping on about the idea of “good enough” parenting for many years now. It’s the idea that you don’t have to be a perfect as a parent. But you do need to be there enough for your kids so that they can grow up feeling secure.

The problem for many moms, especially single moms, is that they don’t have much time for their kids. They’re time-starved by having to do things like the housework and keeping on top of the financial responsibilities of the home.

So if you’re a busy mom, what can do you to spend more time with your kids? Let’s find out.

Ask Babysitters To Chip In


It’s often been said that moms have to be resourceful. One of the best ways of being resourceful is to ask your babysitter to help out with some of the housework. Ask them if they’d be willing to pick up toys after the kids have played with them. You could also ask if they’d be willing to do household chores, like the cooking or washing to save you time.

Coordinate Your Errands

Time management classes often emphasize the importance of coordinating your activities. You want to make sure that you get as much done in a single trip out of the house as possible. Don’t just go to the grocery store, pick up the week’s shopping and then head home again. Think about all the other odd jobs that you need to do that week outside of the house. Perhaps you could combine your grocery shop with going to the post office. Or maybe you could meet a client on the way back from taking your kids to clubs. The possibilities here are endless.

Get Your Kids Involved With What You Are Doing


Finding time to spend with you kids can be difficult if you’ve got a hectic work schedule. When you add on top of that the time you spend doing chores, family time can rapidly evaporate.

The best way to get around this is to get your children involved with chores. Kids can help preparing food in the evening and even helping to clear up the house. Mother’s shouldn’t be personal assistants to their children. They should be active partners in the relationship. According to experts, parents should help their kids become independent from an early age.

Change Your Job

With the rise of the gig economy, going to work doesn’t have to mean doing the nine to five anymore. Work is becoming more granular and more flexible. You can get jobs as and when you need the money through all sorts of different service-based jobs on the web. There’s demand right now for writers, transcriptionists, and web developers.

Make Two Night’s Meals In One Go

Don’t make fresh meals every night of the week. Instead plan ahead and double up what you cook so that you’ve got enough food for two nights. You can make big pans of lasagna, or soups, or stews. Anything, really, so long as it’s sufficient to feed hungry mouths two nights in a row.

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