Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Birthday October Celebrants!

Grab from Pinterest 

All this time I am thinking that month of March is the most celebrated month in the family because of birthdays. I figure that I am wrong after I noticed that some of my nieces, nephews and cousins even my brother are burn in October. With this I come up with an idea of celebrating everybodys birthday with a blast for a day. Imagine my maternal side of the family gathering all together to celebrate and have fun. No doubt its a blast! Hopefully, I can materialize this plan the soonest. If not this year since October is almost half way finish then perhaps next year. :-D keeping my fingers cross.

Talking about birthday. My little big boy is turning 12 in three months. And as early as now he shared one on his request. That is to have a chocolate fountain in his birthday. Honestly, I am surprised when he told me about his wish. In his age I am not expecting it because I dont think he will enjoy it. But then, kids is kids. No matter how big and tall he maybe he is still my baby. And mama will try her best to make his wish come true.

Chocolate fountain in my niece 7th birthday celebration. 

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