Saturday, September 24, 2016

How to Create a Unique and Interesting Fireplace

Everyone loves the cozy feeling a crackling fire offers when the cold wind and snow is swirling outdoors. While adding a collection of attractive fireplace tools to the hearth will not make the fire burn hotter, but it will add to the ambiance of the room. The original purpose of the fireplace was not only to warm the room, but early pioneer women also cooked their meals over the flames. These early fireplaces were much larger than the ones found in most homes today, and they included a wider selection of tools used for tending the fire and cooking.

Original fireplace tools were made of iron and were crafted in the blacksmith shop to stand up to daily use for many years. Modern fireplace tools typically consist of a fork, tongs and shovel that are used to move burning logs and remove excess ash. Some other fireplace accessories include bellows, screens, andirons and coal or wood scuttles. Most people choose tools that are very durable which will stand up to heat during use. Homeowners who have a fireplace that does not get a lot of use may choose fireplace tools that are intended more as an accessory than for actual use. Some vintage fireplace tools are very beautiful with chrome, silver, copper or brass plating, and a set of these reproductions can be very costly.

Modern fireplace tools also work very well for free-standing wood burning stoves that are quite popular these days. While the large fireplace of the pioneer days could provide heat for a large room, much of the heat escaped up the chimney. Modern homeowners enjoy the look and feel of an authentic fireplace, but their access to fuel is usually quite limited. Because of this problem, many homeowners install an insert into an existing fireplace opening to capture the heat and redirect the warmth into their home. Free-standing wood stoves and pellet stoves are also very popular since they are more efficient at heating and do not require as much fuel. Pellet stoves are the most convenient type of wood heaters since no wood needs to cut or hauled into the home, and the self-feeding system does not need to be tended like a typical wood burner.

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