Monday, September 12, 2016

Educational Tour

Month of September is not only the start of "BER" month. It is also the Math and Science month. It is this month when some of schools are conducting Math-Scie exhibit, educational tours and other activities that concern Math and Science.

For two years the school where my little big tot is enrolled has not been conducting educational tour. Simply because the places that are worth visiting was ruined by the strongest typhoon that made landfall in our province. Since our dear Province is standing up after almost three years of devastation the school decided that is deemed and proper that we visit the places we visited before for us to witness the big change since our last visit.

The educational will be coming Saturday. I am a bit excited because I will get a chance to bond with other parents of Grade Six. Our children will be in Junior High next year and perhaps we will enroll our children in different schools. So this coming Saturday is not only the education tour of our children but also parents bonding.

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