Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Is On A Diet!

I cannot deny the fact that my little one is growing so fast. Some says, he is big compared to others in his age. My little one is 11 years old but boy he is taller and bigger than I am. I sometimes wonder how tall he will be after few years.

Few days ago, I asked him to fit his boy scout uniform, his barong tagalog and black pants because he will be wearing those soon. I am not surprised when the scout uniform and barong tagalog is a little tight but I was disappointed that the black pants doesn't fit him anymore. I am sad, because I need to buy a new one. He is going to wear the barong and black pants next week for their Buwan ng Wika program.

With this, I and the little one agreed that he will be on a diet so the barong and the scout iniform will not be too tight when he wears it. I am not actually sure if this diet thing will be a success. Knowing my son, it will be a lot of work and courage to minimize his food intake.

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