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Why Wedding Invitations Are So Important

They might only be a few pieces of fancy card and paper. But wedding invites are a vital element to a wedding day. They help your guests get prepared and offer a glimpse into what your big day is going to be like. Unfortunately, many couples are disregarding the importance of wedding invitations. This is often because they see them as an unnecessary expense. It’s easier than ever to send an email inviting all of your guests, and it’s free too. But while traditional invitations can be expensive and time-consuming to make, they are worth every penny. Here are some fantastic reasons why wedding invites are still necessary and important for your wedding.

They provide vital information

Obviously, one of the main reasons why invites are so essential is because they provide vital information. They tell your guests the date, time, and location of your wedding ceremony and reception. While also telling them what to wear, where to find accommodation and how to RSVP. You might even want to include directions, maps and menus too. This is crucial information will help your guests plan ahead and get prepared for your big day. This might entail hiring child care, buying an outfit or getting time off work. Knowing your wedding details will also help them establish whether they can attend or not. This can then go on to help you plan how much food, drink and seating is needed throughout.

They set a tone

As well as providing information relating to your big day, invitations set the tone for the day too. They should showcase your theme and offer a quick look into what your day will involve. If you’re planning on using a vintage theme, for example, your invites should portray this clearly. If you decide to use a sleek and modern design instead, this will just confuse your guests. It will also show that little thought and care has been put into the design of your invitations. So whether you choose cheap laser cut wedding invitations or expensive custom made ones, make sure they set the perfect tone. That way your guests will know exactly what to expect.

They create excitement

While sending an email invite is convenient, it doesn’t evoke the same emotion as a traditional invitation. The joy that comes from receiving an invitation through the mail is unrivaled and cannot be replicated. Your guests will love to open the envelope and read through the details included. This will fill them with immense anticipation, and they can start looking forward to taking part in your celebrations. The invite allows your guests to share in your excitement and start counting down the days until your big day arrives. If you’ve given the design of your invitations plenty of thought and consideration, your guests will also feel more inclined to keep it. This can be a wonderful keepsake which they can look back on and treasure.

So while sending an electronic invitation may save you some money, it won’t give your big day the impact it deserves. So start designing beautiful invitations that provide your guests with a fantastic first impression.

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