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Want To Have An Amazing Summer With Your Family? Here's How You Can

A summer with the family can be such an exciting thing to look forward to. The school is out and finished with, so no normal routines to stick to. However, when it comes down to it, it is a long time to keep every member of your family happy and content. With good weather and a little preparation, you can have summer sewn up in no time. So I thought I would offer a little insight and tips on how to have an amazing summer with your family.
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Plan activities and day trip out

No great Summer is possible without careful planning by the parents. Or probably mom more specifically. No one can go into it blind with any guidelines on what you are doing. Before you know it your children will be bored, and you will be tearing your hair out. You don’t need to spend days planning the whole thing. You can do it every week and plan to the next. This way you can leave time open for unexpected play dates or trips away. A great idea is to sit down with the children and create a summer bucket list. This includes everything you want to do and see. No matter how small or big, you put it on the list. Then it’s down to you to work out when you can do things and budget the costs as and when you need to. Taking day trips out every day will be a very costly thing to do. So mix things up a bit and try and add in as many free activities at home or in your local area as possible.

However, the Summer is a great opportunity to do things with the family. So it would also be a good thing to do some research on the attractions you may want to take in. You may find that some offer discount codes for early booking. Or you may even come across some coupons online that will bring the cost down.

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Are you having a summer vacation?

You may not have thought about it but would you be planning a summer vacation away? If so make sure you add this to your overall plan for the Summer. That way you know where you are going to be and for what dates. Summer is the perfect time to consider vacations like heading to the each for a few days or camping. Children love activities like this. Camping especially can be a great vacation if you are looking to be more thrifty with your finances over the Summer. If you already have all the gear you need, then even better. However, you can pick up some great bargains on websites like eBay.
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Make improvements to your garden

Sometimes it can be just as fun staying at home and enjoying the garden. So if it needs some TLC then why not get some plans in place to upgrade your garden. You could add things decked area, a grassed lawn to play on or even a hot tub. Although you may want to ckeck out websites like for more information. The garden is the one place you have at your disposal. It can be the perfect place to spend the day without costing you a dime. So if it needs some love see it more as a future investment than a big cost now. You will get so much use out of it in the months ahead and even for years to come.

Consider summer camps for the children

The summer stretch can be a long time just you as a family together each day. It’s healthy to be able to have a break from one another. So you may want to consider some of the summer camps that are available for kids. You don’t have to send them away for long periods; you could opt to do a week or weekend with some of them. They can be great for kids to learn skills like socialisation and independance. While giving you a break to rejuvenate fo the weeks ahead. The children are entertained from the moment they arrive so you have no doubt that they will be enjoying themselves with their friends.
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Encourage activities like gardening

A long term project over the Summer could be just what your family needs. A great idea would be to consider gardening. You could encourage growing their own vegetables and fruit trees. They will love watching them grown and learning all about it. You may find that it could encourage any fussy eaters you have to try new foods. If growing food doesn’t appeal, then they could consider planting flowers and designing their own flowerbed. Children will love getting involved. This means that at any point your children have something to entertain them, and it doesn’t involve the computer or television.

Be in the moment

We can get a little consumed in our routines sometimes and forget to be in the moment with our families. The summer is the perfect chance to put down your phone and get involved in what your children are doing. We are always saying how time goes too quickly and that children grow up fast. So why not make the most of the quality time together?
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Make the most of the good weather

Getting outside and enjoying the good weather should be high on your priority list for Summer. This is where you can encourage many activities including bike rides, walks, water fights and garden games. Too often you find children sitting in their bedrooms playing computer games or watching cartoons. They don’t get outside enough and explore new and different things. So make sure you encourage this over the Summer. It is the perfect time to do it.
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Create an activity jar for those unplanned moments

Finally, it will be worth making a little activity jar for those afternoons where the weather isn't the best. This will include art and craft projects and such. It will also be good to grab the jar when you have not got much planned for an afternoon or perhaps a play date has let you down. It is an excellent backup plan and means you have less risk of having bored children. I hope this has inspired you to make the most of the Summer with your family this year.

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