Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Scattered Thought!

So, here I am again having a hard time composing this blog post. Thoughts keep coming on my head but I cannot focus in one topic. I don't know what seems to be wrong. Perhaps its my son that is sounds asleep. His snore is disturbing me.. hehehe.. (joke).

Hence my thought is wandering in wonderland I might just share the thoughts I have now.

First, I am asking myself, where is the boyfriend. We agreed to chat in between 8:30-9 pm my time. It's almost half hour past 9 pm but no message from him yet. The only reason I have in mind right now it that he fall asleep while watching the television, he is nit feeling well, eh.  And talking about the boyfriend I recieve a message from him, just now. I shall take a break and continue this post later.

Another thought I have in mind is that, I am gaining non-stop! I must do something to stop adding my weights. It is frustrating when I cannot buy the clothes I want because it doesnt fit me good or it is not good to look at because of my bulging tummy. I will be starting to drink detox juice, real soon. Hopefully this will help me get rid few kilos (fingers cross).

I am back, as I mentioned earlier I will finish this post after talking to the boyfriend. However, I am getting sleepy. I don't want to fall asleep holding my phone.

So goodnight folks! 'Till my next blog post.

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