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Kids Summer Activities: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Summer is now upon us in most parts of the world, including here in the US. And that means that we’re fast approaching that time of year when school’s out. It’s all great news for kids, of course. Finally, they’ve got a long break where they can enjoy things besides school work. But for us moms, it can be a nightmare figuring out what to do with our kids. Here’s the good news: it’s not as difficult as you think. There are plenty of ways to entertain the kids and to make sure that the summer holidays doesn’t turn into a bore fest. Here’s how.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting has been a favorite pastime of children from time immemorial. Nothing quite evokes a sense of adventure more than going on a journey, looking for buried loot. But here’s where you can make it even better. You can design your own treasure map, full of cryptic clues, or you can make one with your child and get them to be creative. Whatever you choose, there are infinite options. Perhaps you could start your treasure hunt by giving each child a list of things that you want them to find in the garden. Maybe they could look for something shiny, something round or something blue. Perhaps you could send them out looking for different flowers, like daisies, dandelions and buttercups. If you are feeling very adventurous, you could come up with a riddle that would lead them to some buried treasure. Whatever you choose, treasure hunts are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours, if not days.

Get Them Reading 

The summer is a great chance for children to get away from the drudgery of their school work and to start reading for pleasure. Reading is one of those essential life skills. And now that we live in the information age, it’s becoming even more so. But too many children fall behind because they’re uninspired by the reading they do in school. Here’s your chance to shine as a parent. Grab a few books and introduce them to the world of fiction. It could be fiction on any subject. Perhaps sci-fi, perhaps fantasy, maybe crime even. Whatever it is, make sure that it strikes a chord with your child. They’re not resistant to reading because they don’t like doing it in general. They’re resistant because of the way that they have been forced to do it against their will. But, as their mom, you’re the one who knows them best. And so you’ll have a good idea what sort of book they’d be interested in reading, and what they wouldn’t.


Nothing smacks of summer more than kids playing baseball in the park. It’s the quintessential summer activity. But why only do something that is unstructured, like a play a game down the park? Why not keep them busy over the summer enrolling them on a summer baseball course?

Of course, if you decide to go down that route, you’ll have to get them the right equipment. Sites like do baseball bat reviews. Just make sure that you choose a bat that's the right size for your kid and avert disappointment.


Do you remember when you first saw one of those ring frisbees flying through the air? It was a sort of magical sight, seeing something fly so fast and so far. It’s this kind of thing that kids find enchanting. Frisbee is an exciting sport, and there’s a lot that kids need to master before they get good.

It’s also a highly physical sport, in a fun way. Playing frisbee will exercise your children like nothing else as they charge as fast as they can to catch it. It is also good for developing coordination, something largely forgotten in today’s digital world. The sport isn’t just for kids either. It’s become a serious adult pursuit too, and there are hundreds of clubs up and down the country dedicated to the sport.


The great thing about water fights is that the fun never seems to end. Kids will happily soak each other for hours on hot summer days. What’s so cool about kids’ water fights are all the little rules that emerge. It may look like complete chaos, but kids are great at applying their own unique structure to the event.

You don’t have to rely on expensive water pistols, of course. Hoses, wet sponges and buckets should do the trick.

Summer Courses

The summer is the one time of the year that kids really get to explore new things, outside of school. And so as moms, it can be an opportunity for us to help them find new interests. Right now, there are hundreds of potential summer courses that they could go on. Perhaps you have a very academic child who loves languages. Here’s their chance to learn something new, like Mandarin. Or perhaps your child is keen to find out more about nature and wildlife. There are all sorts of kids camps available for them to stretch their eco-warrior legs. As sites like point out, there are plenty of options.

The great thing about summer courses is just how much time they take up. Here’s an excellent way to get the kids to do what they want while giving you a break too. Most courses will put the kids up overnight, either in hostels or camping. And so you can grab at least a couple of weeks during the summer break for yourself.

Bottle Bowling

Kids love crafts. And so should moms. They’re an excellent way to spend a sunny summer’s afternoon. But you don’t have to stop at just doing crafts. Why not turn crafts into a game? This is where bottle bowling comes into play. Grab some empty plastic drinks bottles. Don’t worry if they’re different sizes; that just adds to the fun. Then start painting the outside. You might want to paint different scores, but you can really do whatever you like. Then fill them with sand and viola, you’ve got your own set of bowling pins. 

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