Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Is Back To School!

As we all know month of June is a famous month for weddings. But here in my other part of the world June is not just about weddings, it is also a time to go back to school. Yeah! You read it right folks.

Photo grab from clipartmonk 

I am not sure about you, but there is something about the month of June or the back to season to be pricise that makes me ecxited (although it means a lot of expenses). Perhaps its the excitement of having a chance to shop! Or is it the chance of seeing fellow excited mommy's with thier children getting ready for the big day. The colorful covered notebooks, maybe. Whatever the reason it, one thing is for sure back to school is one of the most awaited time of our little tots aside from holiday season.
My little big tot on his first day of school (taken June 2015)

As a Mom, I always make it a point to prepare everything before the first day of school. I remember, I onced covered the book of my little big tot with colored paper. The reason- I only want his book covered with same color of his notebook.

Anyways, I more like the covers of notebooks nowadays. The plain color makes it clean and simple. Back in my time, locals artist and cartoon characters are famous notebooks covers. My Mom usually buy those with teens artist hehehe.
Photo is Mine
Prepare your cams fellow mommy on the first day of school. Capture the moment.

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