Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Indeed facebook is doing a great job reminding us every especial occasions. Just like today, I almost forgot that today is a very especial day for our dad, papa, tatay, erpats or however we call them.
Photo grab from Goggle 

Anyway, our family isn't perfect. My parents separated when I was a kid. For many years I didn't see our father. We were all grown up when he showed up again. Our father may not be a perfect Tatay to us but I am still thankful for without him, we will not be here. To you Tatay, Happy father's day.

 I also would like to take this opportunity greet my boyfriend a Happy Father's Day. You may not the biological father of the little big one yet you stand as a real father to him.

A shout out also to all the single mom out there.

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