Sunday, June 5, 2016

Four Things To Do Before Summer Arrives 

Plan activities

Okay, so you need to plan some fun kid friendly activities for the summer. One of the best activities is going swimming. You get to cool down; the little ones get to let off some steam, and you can all enjoy the sunshine. Remember if your little ones can't swim yet, never leave them unaccompanied in the pool. Make sure they have water wings or a rubber ring to help them stay afloat. Another great summer activity is going to the park for ice cream. Ice cream is a fantastic motivator, and you can have hours of fun in the park, playing on the equipment and enjoying the outside air. Try taking a ball or frisbee or getting the kids to ride their bikes there and back. You'll be guaranteed a good night's sleep as everyone will be tired from the fresh air.
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Book a holiday

Another thing most people do to get ready for summer is to book a holiday. Vacations are a fantastic time to relax and get away from the normal daily grind. You might want to go somewhere that has a beach or go camping in the forest. Whichever location you choose, make sure you use a good sunblock, because even if it is cloudy, there can still be UVA rays. Before you go, make sure to pack the sort of clothes you will need for the trip. Swimwear, towels, hats and linen clothes are good for hot or beach locations. If you are going camping, walking boots, shorts, hats and scarfs are needed. Don't forget the bug spray either! Make sure you have a waterproof jacket too in case the temperature drops, or it starts to rain.

Get the garden and house sorted

As summer edges ever closer, you are probably thinking that the garden and house need sorting out too. It is so nice to have a pleasant garden in which you can enjoy the summer. It's vital to be able to step outside to cool down if the weather gets too hot. It is fun for the kids to have some activities that they can do in the garden to like swingball, a goal for football or somewhere they can ride a bike.
If the house needs some sorting too, make sure that your air conditioning repair is working. If it is not working, speak to a company that offers air-conditioning repair before the summer hits. Also, make sure you have enough ice and cold drinks as the summer starts.

Get your body Summer ready
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Lastly, you are probably thinking, that you need to get yourself summer ready too. You could try highlighting your hair this summer, giving the effect of a sun-kissed look. Many people also use fake tan products to get a summer glow. Make sure you exfoliate before applying the product and use a glove, so you don't get orange hands! Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure and double check that your feet are buffed and sandal ready.

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