Monday, June 13, 2016

Back To School!

Its back to school! Kailangan ko ng gumising ng mas aga. Back to pamamalantsa ng uniform ang peg ko. Dagdag gastusin at expenses araw-araw. Pero dahil Nanay ako I need to face all my complains. Hehehehe!

The school break for my little one officially end yesterday. The big day as he calls it started today, and he is on his sixth grade. Though his class usually starts at 10:30 in the morning I let him go before 8 am so he can attend the activities to welcome new pupils.
Photo is not mine 

I mentioned in my other blog that I ak going to take a photo of the little big one on his first day of school. But for some reason I totally forgot about it, and it was already too late when I remember to take picture of him because he already left. So I just told myself to do it when he comes back from school. I guess it is destined for me not to have a picture of him on his first day of school because he is already home when I arrived from the city.

Its his final school year  in his current school. But the little one is growing fast, so my plan of not buying a new set of uniform is an epic fail. Masikip at maiksi na lahat ng uniforms nya. Buti nalang I can still do something para magamit pa ang pants. Kailangan ko talagang magpatahi ng bagong polo kasi hindi na magagawan ng paraan ang luma.

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