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5 Things to Remember Before You Get a Cat or Dog

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Pets of any kind can be a great addition to the family - and at some point, it’s almost guaranteed your children will bug you to get one! The trouble is, it’s an enormous responsibility, and it’s a decision that you shouldn’t rush into. Here is a quick guide for anyone out there who is considering adding to the family with a domestic animal.

Will you be there for it?

If you get a pet, you are going to have to be there for it at all times. It’s especially true for dogs, who are social animals - and they will be upset and do naughty things if left alone for long periods. So, if all the kids are at school all day and you are at work, is it fair to keep an animal? You might be better off with getting a cat in these scenarios, as they are far more comfortable in their own company.
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Can you afford it?

Pets can cost you thousands of dollars a year - so be prepared to make a financial commitment as well as an emotional one. You’ll need to pay for the animal when you first get it, and maybe all the tests and injections they need. There’s the cost of food - which can be enormous if you have a big dog, for example. And, there is the ongoing treatment, veterinary bills, and insurance - which is an absolute must in the long term.

Can you put up with the big issues?

Cats and dogs get many problems, from worms through to ticks and fleas. And, unfortunately, they get them often - even a walk in the woods can bring home a nasty invader. If you are squeamish about such things, you should think again about getting a pet. They will all suffer from these issues at some point. There is plenty of treatment out there from brands such as K9 advantix 2. It’s best to be preventative as much as you are reactive.
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Can you exercise it?

Cats, of course, can exercise by themselves, but you will need to take your dog out for regular walks. Be careful about the breed you buy, too. Great Danes, for example, might well be enormous, but they only require a walk once a day. Working dogs like collies are completely different. They need a lot of exercise to function well, and you will need to spend at least 2-3 hours out and about during the average day.

Will it be part of the family?

If you can answer positively to the above questions, there is one final one to answer: will that pet be part of your family? It can be tough to imagine the impact a pet can have, and the responsibility that goes with it. Just like a child, you’ll need to teach it where to go the toilet, be there when it is upset, and care for it when it is sick. When you consider the amount of time it will take, you have to be sure it fits in with your family’s needs. If not, it might be worth postponing your children’s wishes for a while.
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