Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Which Type Of Flooring Is Right For My Home?

The flooring found in your home can truly define it. There are some kinds of flooring we associate with specific rooms, and as such, your choices really do matter. If the time has come for you to choose some new floors for your home, your options are many! But which are correct?
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If you’re currently in the process of making that decision - it can be tough. We’ve all been there. We’ve all settled on an option, then read a negative review online and decided to back out. In order to help you out, the following post will present a quick rundown of a couple of common flooring types. We’ll discuss which rooms they’re good for, and some of their pros and cons.


Laminate flooring is becoming more and more popular every single year, and seems to be spreading to more and more rooms in the house. What started off as a living room staple has now branched out to the kitchen, the dining room and even certain bedrooms.

The main problem with laminate flooring is how easily it shows dirt and grime. Some would actually consider this a benefit, though. If the dirt is easier to see, it’s easier to clean! But if you have a busy week and don’t have time to clean, the site of all that muck can make your week worse. If you opt for laminate, prepare to be cleaning it lots, and put it in a room that sees minimal traffic.


Sisal is a form of natural fiber flooring, which makes it suitable around the house. What’s more, cleaning and maintaining natural flooring is rather simple, saving you a lot of hassle.

It’s tough too, which means it’s suitable in rooms that have a lot of footfall, or none at all. Whether it’s a bedroom or the living room, you can’t go wrong here. If you wanted to give your garage a bit more personality, it’s a good option too. It’s important to get a tough, long-lasting carpet that will endure. I’d recommend sisal in bedrooms - it’s comfortable, and can resist all that footfall.


Ceramic tiles are extremely resistant to scratches, making them the toughest option on this list. It’s also easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface, and most stains will come off with a quick wipe.

That being said, tiles can get real cold, real fast. It’s not a nice feeling, especially in the dead of winter. This means your heating bill could see a slight rise after installation. They’re also rather prone to echoes, which means if you walk on them at night they could wake the family up. Though, their ability to resist scratches water makes them perfect in kitchens or bathrooms.

And that just about does it! Hopefully, you now feel more confident in your purchase. Buying flooring isn’t just like buying an appliance - it can be rather expensive. As such, it’s important to get it right, and if you followed these tips, you probably have done.

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