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What To Do If The Electricity Goes Off In The Night!

There’s nothing worse than being in your home in the evening and the electric stops working. You can’t see where you are as the lights go off, and you are not sure why it’s not working. Here’s what you should do if it does happen when you are home alone at night.

Don’t panic
It’s easy to start panicking if the electric does go off and you are sitting in the pitch black. But the best thing you can do is to stay calm. It might be something simple, so that it might be fixed very quickly. Try and keep calm and try and resolve the problem as soon as possible. You should look for alternate lighting in your home such as candles or a torch to provide you with some light.

Get your phone

Unless you have no battery on your phone, you should be able to turn it off and have some light. They even have a torch function on there which you can use to guide yourself through the property. Read how you can turn on your flashlight here. You can also use your phone to contact a friend or family member and tell them what’s happened. They may be able to guide you through fixing it, or even offer to come out and help you. Although your WIFI might be down, if you have 3G, you can look online to find advice on what to do.

Could it be power cut?

One of the first things you should do when you have a power cut is to look around you and see if it’s just your home. As this article explains, you should safely move to the window and take a look at your neighborhood. You should see if anyone else's lights are all off. If they are, it could be a power cut in the whole neighborhood, not just in your home. If you are on a friendly basis with your neighbor, you may want to ring them up and ask them if they are having issues.
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Check your electric box

One of the first things you should do is safely go and check the electric box in your home. You may have experienced a circuit overload, and you will see that the switches may have automatically switched to ‘off.’ It tends to happen if too many things are being used all at once. In this case, you can safely turn them back on so that the electric will switch back on. If they are still ‘on’, then you may have more of a severe problem that needs sorting.

Ring an electrician

If you are unable to fix it yourself, it’s time to call an electrician. They will ensure they fix the electricity safely so that you don’t get into any more danger. Research to find a 24/7 emergency electrician who will come out in the middle of the night.
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Consider if you paid the bill

If you can’t work out what’s wrong with the electric, you should think back to when you last paid your bill. Could you have possibly missed a couple of payments and that’s why it’s turned off? Ring your supplier and tell them what’s happened, and pay any outstanding bills that might be causing the issue.

Hopefully, you can get it resolved without spending too much!

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