Friday, May 6, 2016

The Benefits of Getting an MRI

Technology has affected every aspect of our lives. Very few areas of life have been as affected by technology as the medical field. Technology has led to life-saving procedures as well as diagnostic tools that allow doctors to identify potential life-threatening problems before they become serious. One of these tools is the open magnetic resonance imaging machine, more commonly known as an MRI machine. This imaging tool can detect problems in your body’s soft tissues. In some instances, early detection from an MRI machine can mean the difference between life and death. 

Brain Tumors

There is no tool on the planet that allows doctors to examine the brain for the existence of a brain tumor like an MRI machine. This is because MRI machines allow the doctors to see a multi-layered picture of the human brain. It allows them to find the tumor, identify its size, pinpoint its location, and then devise the best treatment for the tumor.

Tumors in Other Parts of the Body

Tumors can grow in other parts of your body, especially in your major organs. If tumors, be them large or small, are not identified, they can eventually become cancerous. This will lead to even further health issues. An MRI machine is able to locate and diagnose tumors before they become cancerous. If they are cancerous, early detection may allow them to be removed before the cancer gets worse.

Internal Bleeding

There are a lot of techniques that doctors have at their disposal for discovering internal bleeding. However, an MRI machine is unique in that it gives doctors the ability to identify the exact area that is damaged. This will then allow doctors to repair the damage and to stop the bleeding. 

Spinal Injuries

Most spinal injuries are not life-threatening. However, the spine is used every single day in all activities. It is flexible because in addition to having bones, it is connected by tendons and muscles. An MRI can detect a herniated disc and other soft-tissue issues in the spine.

There are a whole host of other defects that an MRI machine can identify early. For this reason, patients who are in pain or dealing with symptoms that they cannot identify will often visit imaging centers in NJ to have an MRI or another imaging procedure done. 

Imaging technology is constantly improving. It will continue to help with earlier diagnosis of life-threatening illnesses and better cures for some of the infirmities that currently plague mankind.

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