Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easy Ways To Keep The Kids Busy On Rainy Days

I know it can be a handful to keep entertained at the best of times. There are some days where you feel like you just don’t have the energy or the ideas to play with them for that. Then the weather comes along and makes things all the worse. So what are you supposed to do about it? You’re trapped inside with kids that are both often hungry for attention and activity. That’s why it helps to have a plan for what to do on those rainy days. What do these plans include, you ask me?
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Music is the key

Kids love music. Heck, everyone loves music. Regardless of what age they are. But with kids, you can make it great use of it to get them active and keep their attention for ages. Setting up your own dance party indoors isn’t too difficult, even if you don’t have the biggest music collection. Use your phone to access sites like tubidy mp3, and you have all the music you need. Hopefully that’ll tire them out.

A lot of kids love to sing, as well. They may not exactly be music to your ears, but there’s nothing that brings a smile to my face like watching kids put their heart and soul into something. Singing’s something they can do that with easily. Getting a little battery powered microphone can turn any rainy day in into a videoke session. Just don’t get too carried away when it’s your turn to finally have a go!

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Get crafty

I find it’s always a smart idea to have some sort of crafty activity prepared for whenever you’re trapped in with the kids. With the right preparation, crafts let you make a fun mess without being too worried about the clean-up afterwards. It also makes it a lot easier to keep the kids contained to one area so they’re not wreaking havoc elsewhere. Even colouring can keep a kid entertained for ages on end. But the more involved you get into it and the more interactive the creation process, the more they will absolutely adore it.

Baking’s another good example of a crafty activity you can easily get the kids into. Not only is it messy and fun, but it can end up being absolutely delicious, too. If you’re lucky, you might even get them into a hobby they’ll keep for years.

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Set up some indoors games for them

Just like crafting with them, you can make games with them that get in touch with their creative or inquisitive side. A treasure hunt requires little more than a bit of preparation from you and then following your child. Then you provide a ‘little’ advice so they can find some treats. Building forts out of pillows and blankets is fun regardless of what age you are. It can also be just as entertaining for adults. My favourite part is the explanations of all the different parts of the imaginary castle. Disclaimer: The idea written in this guest post is solely by the author not mine

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