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 4 Things Every Bride Wishes She'd Known Sooner

Perhaps you are a bride-to-be or are close friends with another girl who is one. The months and sometimes even years leading up to the big day can be a chaotic mixture of fun, excitement and stress! Things will go wrong while others go perfectly. Arguments and disagreements might occur, but so might some of the best memories of your lives. The bride, whether it’s you or a friend, will have some decisions to make along the way too. From the big things, like the dress, these decisions will go right down to things like round tables or rectangular tables! With that in mind, there are some things that every bride wishes she’d known sooner. Sometimes these realisations or tips would have prevented her from making a mistake later. Or perhaps they would have just allowed her to make a more informed decision. Here are four of these important lessons.
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 1: That friendships can break down, but others will thrive

For all the fun and games of wedding prep, there comes a fair share of stress too. After all, you, your partner, your family and your friends are planning a major event. There may be thousands of pounds spent and more than one hundred attending. This means the stakes are far higher than if you were, say, organising a birthday meal for five friends. Your true friends will really come to light under the pressure. While some may fall by the wayside, and show their true colours, others will shine. And, while you may lose a friend, you will most likely find that other relationships strengthen more than even before. Forget the ones who’ve let you down, and nurture those who have supported you.
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 2: That the invitations set the tone for the entire event

Brides often don’t realise just how important the right invitations. That is until they receive a batch that they’re nothing but disappointed with. Your wedding invitations should make your heart leap. They should make you desperate to send them out as quickly as possible. They should truly represent the personality of you and your partner and the wedding you’re planning. Scour the internet or visit paper Themes for personalised wedding invitations to inspire.
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3: That comfortable shoes are way more important than beautiful shoes

A common complaint of brides is that they had to take their shoes off before the wedding breakfast because they hurt so much. Why put yourself through the pain, and the disappointment? Doing this is also a big waste of money, as you aren’t able to use them for their purpose. Be a sensible bride who considers comfort before making any wedding shoe purchases. You might have to spend a little more to get shoes that are beautiful and comfortable, but it will be worth the money.
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4. Healthy eating in the run-up to the big day makes a big difference 

The last thing a bride wants on her wedding day is to feel bloated, or peaky, or run-down. Overhaul your diet a couple of months before to feel massive benefits on the day and beyond.

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