Wednesday, March 30, 2016

School Break, It Is

As we all know school break has finally started for some pupils/students. My son, nephews and nieces are officially enjoying thier break. More than a week ago, my younger sister came for a visit because she needs to visit an OB Gyne. She tagged along her three children. So the house is full and noisy once again. Hence my sister needs to go home today leaving her three children at home I am currently baby sitting two more little boys aside from my little big boy.  -:)

I figured the house wont be at peace when you got two little boys, one little big boy that is always excited everytime his little cousin is at home. They are always running around, making a mess here and there. But since the kids are enjoying a let them do what they want and let them clean thier mess. By doing this I am hitting two birds in one stone. They can play and at the same time they learn how to organize thier toys and clean their mess.

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