Friday, February 5, 2016

No Date On Valentine's Day

Should I fret for not having a date when Valentines Day comes? If my memory serves me right I never had a date on this special occasion. Perhaps my ex-boyfriends was broke on this special day. Hahaha.. Of course its a joke.

Hence I am in a long distance relationship I am certainly sure that I and my boyfriend will go out on a date. Lucky those who have thier better half because they can go out but how about those who are in a long distance relationship? Well, I am not good in giving advice but will share few tips I am actually thinking of doing.


Skype and Viber is our means of communication. We use viber before heading to skype. Talking in skype during Valentines Day is not a bad idea. Seguro, making our kwentuhan a little more longer than the usual and think of a good surprise has a kilig factor, Right? What do you think guys?


Going out with my little big man is the idea of my boyfriend. I never tried dating my son on Valentines Day. Although we go out once or twice a month. And I dont see anything wrong with dating him. In fact I am tempted to follow my boyfriend's advise. Naiimagine ko na ang magiging reaction ng anak ko kung sakaling magdate kami. Gustong-gusto kasi nyang kumakain sa labas at manood ng sine eh!.


Going out with my friends is what I have been doing for the past couple of years. We still have fun like those couple who have thier boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. You see, hindi naman boring ang Valentines Day kahit wala kayong partner.